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The basic questions on the books. There is 5 questions on each book except Breaking dawn. There is 10 of them.

  • 1
    What does Bella do when Edward covers his nose? Book: Twilight
  • 2
    Where is Edward and Bella's first kiss?
    Book: Twilight
  • 3
    Where did Bella live before she moved to forks? Book: Twilight

  • 4
    How old was Edward when he became immortal?
    Book: Twilight
  • 5
    What is Edward's surprise to Bella?
    Book: Twilight
  • 6
    What made Bella bleed that triggered Jasper?
    Book: New Moon

  • 7
    How old is Bella turning?
    Book: New Moon
  • 8
    What age is Carlisle reaching (human) that could make the Cullens suspicious?
    Book: New Moon
  • 9
    Who is Bella's visitor?
    Book: New Moon
  • 10
    Why does Edward try to commit suicide?
    Book: New Moon

  • 11
    Who kills Victoria?
    Book: Eclipse
  • 12
    Who kept Bella warm during the storm?
    Book: Eclipse
  • 13
    What is the cause of the battle?
    Book: Eclipse
  • 14
    Where does Edward officially propose to Bella?
    Book: Eclipse
  • 15
    What did Rosalie's fiance do to her back when she was human?
    Book: Eclipse
  • 16
    Where do Bella and Edward get married?
    Book: Breaking Dawn

  • 17
    What was Edward's gift to Bella?
    Book: Breaking Dawn
  • 18
    Where does Edward take Bella?
    Book: Breaking Dawn
  • 19
    What is the surprise on Edward and Bella's honeymoon?
    Book: Breaking Dawn
  • 20
    Does Charlie figure out that the Cullen's are vampires?
    Book: Breaking Dawn

  • 21
    What does Bella have and what is the name?
    Book: Breaking Dawn
  • 22
    Does Bella get changed to a vampire?
    Book: Breaking Dawn
  • 23
    Why does Emmet get frustrated by Bella?
    Book: Breaking Dawn
  • 24
    What is Bella's two 'birthday' presents?
    Book: Breaking Dawn
  • 25
    Where do Bella and Edward live?

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