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  • 1
    Cullen's favorite sport is Baseball?
  • 2
    Bella's full name is Isabella Marie Swan-Cullen
  • 3
    Breaking Dawn was split into three parts?

  • 4
    Bella's baby's name is Renesmee?
  • 5
    Edward's full name is Edward Mason Cullen?
  • 6
    Rosalie's name is Rosalie Cullen?

  • 7
    Emmett's name is Emmett Hale?
  • 8
    Jasper's name is Jasper Hale?
  • 9
    Alice's name is Alice Hale?
  • 10
    In Breaking Dawn Bella's last name is Cullen?

  • 11
    Rosalie and Jasper are supposed to be twins?
  • 12
    Edward gets frustrated when he can't read Bella's mind?
  • 13
    Edward is attached to Bella's blood?
  • 14
    Edward ends up killing Bella when sucking the venom out of her?
  • 15
    Bella dies giving birth to Renesmee?
  • 16
    Bella is a shield?

  • 17
    Bella saves Edward in Breaking Dawn with her shield before he can die by falling in the hole/fire hole?
  • 18
    Bella and Edward kill Aro together?
  • 19
    Edward and Bella get married?
  • 20
    Bella beats Emmett in the arm wrestling contest?

  • 21
    Bella goes to Volterra to save Edward?
  • 22
    Rosalie tells Edward that Bella jumped off a cliff and died?
  • 23
    Edward calls to see if she's really dead but Jacob picks up and Edward asks Jacob where Charlie is and he said the funeral and Edward thinks that he meant Bella's funeral?
  • 24
    Edward goes to the Volturi and asks them to kill him but they said no?
  • 25
    Bella and Edward graduate?
  • 26
    Mike Newton took Bella to prom?

  • 27
    Edward took Bella to prom?
  • 28
    Bella's stepdad is a police officer?
  • 29
    Charlie is a big league baseball player?
  • 30
    Edward tells Jacob that he can kill him if Bella dies giving birth to Renesmee but when they think she died he said Edward deserves to live like this?

  • 31
    Edward is a vampire?
  • 32
    Bella gets transformed into a vampire after she gives birth to Renesmee?
  • 33
    Irina tells the Volturi that Renesmee is a immortal child?
  • 34
    The Volturi comes to fight the Cullens because immortal children are forbidden in the vampire world?
  • 35
    The Cullens collect a lot of witnesses to help them fight the Volturi?
  • 36
    All the Cullens die?
  • 37
    The Cullens kill all the Volturi guards?

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