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In this quiz you will find thirty quotations from Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (from the books or films in the case of the first two). Your task is to say who said the quote and who they said it about, to, or in reference to.

  • 1
    "My face is so easy to read - my mother always calls me her open book."
  • 2
    "Do you like scary stories?"
  • 3
    "Do you truly believe that you care more for me than I care for you?"

  • 4
    "You're doing it again...dazzling me."
  • 5
    "It's too easy to be myself with you".
  • 6
    "You are the most important thing to me now. The most important thing to me ever."

  • 7
    "But you see, just because we've been...dealt a certain doesn't mean that we can't choose to rise above - to conquer the boundaries of a destiny that none of us wanted."
  • 8
    "I love you...I will always love you, no matter what happens now."
  • 9
    "Twilight, again...Another ending. No matter how perfect the day is, it always has to end."
  • 10
    "Something don't have to end".

  • 11
    "It was strange for me, being this close - emotionally rather than physically, though the physical was strange for me, too - to another human being."
  • 12
    "How do you know me so well...sometimes it's like you can read my mind."
  • 13
    "How strongly are you opposed to Grand Theft Auto?"
  • 14
    "It was easier when we were both human, wasn't it?"
  • 15
    "I think it's something about the inevitability. How nothing can keep them apart - not her selfishness, or his evil, or even death, in the end..."
  • 16
    "Until now, there had never been a secret I couldn't tell her."

  • 17
    "It felt sort of like homesickness, this longing for the place and person who had sheltered me through my darkest night"
  • 18
    "You are...well, not exactly the love of my life, because i expect to love you for much longer than that. The love of my existence."
  • 19
    "I'm discovering I can sympathize with Heath-cliff in ways I didn't think possible before".
  • 20
    "I've already made my choice".

  • 21
    "You don't get to be human again, Bella. This is a once-in-a-lifetime shot".
  • 22
    "The clouds I can handle. But I can't fight with an eclipse".
  • 23
    "I know it will be hard, but this is what I want. I want you, and I want you forever".
  • 24
    "I suppose you don't realize how utterly, heart breaking beautiful you are tonight".
  • 25
    "I'd seen him angry, and I'd seen him arrogant, and once I'd seen him in pain. But this - this was beyond agony".
  • 26
    "You know connect to her on a level that I don't even understand. You are part of her, and she is part of you".

  • 27
    "You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?"
  • 28
    "Someone who knew the real me and accepted her, Even as a monster."
  • 29
    "They came with pageantry, with a kind of beauty".
  • 30
    "He wasn't comfortable with expressing his emotions out loud".

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