Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer

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20 questions on the final book in the series.

  • 1
    What is Bella driving in the beginning?
  • 2
    What did Bella smell in the Cullen house the day of the wedding (her eyes were covered by Alice as she went upstairs to get ready)?
  • 3
    How many airports were Bella and Edward in before they finally got to Isle Esme?

  • 4
    How long were Bella and Edward on Isle Esme?
  • 5
    What did the food Kaure brought for Bella and Edward smell like?
  • 6
    At the beginning of Jacob’s section, there is a quote from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. What scene of the play is it from?

  • 7
    How long have Edward and Bella been back in Forks?
  • 8
    Why does Alice like sitting next to Jacob?
  • 9
    Why did Leah say she can relate to Rosalie?
  • 10
    What car/motorcycle did Edward give Jacob the keys to?

  • 11
    What was mentioned as Bella’s last meal as a human?
  • 12
    What were Bella’s last words as a human?
  • 13
    What was Bella’s first vampire act?
  • 14
    What were Bella’s first words as a vampire?
  • 15
    What was the first animal Bella drank from as a vampire?
  • 16
    Who created Tanya, Irina, & Kate?

  • 17
    What was the gift Aro sent to Bella?
  • 18
    How many wolves were there by the end of the book?
  • 19
    Why was Nahuel staring at Bella?
  • 20
    Not counting the newborns from Eclipse, how many vampires died throughout the series? (No, Riley does not count as a newborn)

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