The Wheel of Time-Book 1: The Eye of the World
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The Wheel of Time-Book 1: The Eye of the World

Hello fantasy fans everywhere. Even though I'm a great Tolkien fanatic(check out my "study" quiz series), I also read other fantasy series. This test is about the first book in Robert Jordan's best-selling saga "The Wheel of Time". I will be back with more quizzes about the other books. Enjoy!

Question 1:   What is the eve of Bel Tine called?
Bel Tine's eve
Bel Tithe
Daes Dae'mar

Question 2:   What is Min's special ability?
She can channel
She can Heal
She can become invisible
She can read glimpses of the Pattern

Question 3:   How does Thom die?
A Whitecloak kills him
A Fade kills him
Illness kills him
He drowns

Question 4:   What was the name of the false dragon that Rand saw?

Question 5:   What kingdom is Morgase queen of?

Question 6:   Why does Mat become sick?
Because he was stabbed by a Myrddraal
Because of all the outdoors camping he and Rand go through
An Aes Sedai cursed him
Because he carried a dagger from Shadar Logoth

Question 7:   Why does Rand become sick? (For those of you who understood the story well)
Because of all the outdoors camping he and Mat go through
Because he envied Mat for having the Shadar Logoth dagger
Because he can sense evil
Because he accidentally channeled

Question 8:   The Eye of the World contained the Horn of Valere, a seal from Shayol Ghul and...?
The sword of the Dragon
The banner of the Dragon
The flame of Tar Valon

Question 9:   Why is Rand being chased by Shai'tan?
Because he's the Dragon Reborn
Because he's of the Manetheren bloodline
Because he's an Aielman
Because he walks in the Light

Question 10:   Where did Rand and his company finally settle down after their confrontation at the Blight?
Fal Dara
Stedding Shangtai

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