The Wheel of Time-Book 3: The Dragon Reborn
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The Wheel of Time-Book 3: The Dragon Reborn

Here's another Wheel of Time quiz. If you liked LOTR, you'll like the Wheel of Time, too. If you've read book 3 of this great saga, put your reading to the test...(P.S.: I'm reading book 4 right now so the next quiz will be a little late in the coming)

Question 1:   Why is Min terrified when she sees the Tinker woman in the beginning?
Because she sees her killing Rand
Because Min's afraid of Tinkers
Because she sees her dying
Because the woman has a long scar on her face

Question 2:   In the beginning, we see Rand dressed in a magnificent coat with a Dragon embroidered across the chest. What colors were the coat and dragon?
Blue and red
Black and red
Black and gold
Red and gold

Question 3:   What task did the Amyrlin Seat give to Nynaeve and Egwene?
To hunt the black Ajah
To scrub the pots in the kitchen
To keep an eye on Elaida
To spread the word that Rand is the Dragon Reborn

Question 4:   What is the name of the dream world that Egwene goes to using the ter'angreaal?
Daes Dae'mar
Tarmon Gai'don

Question 5:   The ter'angreaal she uses (along with other, dream-related stuff) was last studied by whom?
Pedron Niall
Siuan Sanche
Coriannin Nedeall

Question 6:   What's another title for the Amyrlin Seat?
The Watcher of the Chronicles
The Keeper of the Chronicles
The Watcher of the Seals
The Watcher

Question 7:   Where do we first see Thom in this book?
In Caemlyn
At an inn in Tar Valon
In Tear
At an inn in Illian

Question 8:   What is the name of the sword that cannot be touched?

Question 9:   What is the importance of Faile?
She's a Hunter of the Horn
Perrin loves her
All of these answers
She's the Hawk that Min saw on Perrin's shoulders

Question 10:   Who are the People of the Dragon?
All the people who were in the Stone when Rand proclaimed himself
The Aes Sedai
Mat and Perrin
The Aiel

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