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Easy medicine cat herbs - For new apprentice medicine cats

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Hello, I'm Goldshard! Today learn the easy herbs!

  • 1
    What herbs is this?
    What herbs is this?
  • 2
    What are Poppy Seeds used for?
  • 3
    What makes you throw up?

  • 4
    Which herb helps broken bones?
  • 5
    What is Thyme used for?
  • 6
    What are death-berries used for?

  • 7
    What are juniper berries used for?
  • 8
    What is mouse bile used for.
  • 9
    Daisy leaves are used for:
  • 10
    Last Question, Do you want another of these tests and see which medicine cat you are!

Comments (22)


891 days ago
I got everything right first try the last question was a yes or no answer you had to pick yes though
908 days ago
The last question is just a bit confusing... but the rest was easy.
941 days ago
really it happened again i got 7 out of 10
941 days ago
ok i got 7 out of...ok you now1o!!!!
986 days ago
Oh Ya! 10/10 on my second try! I messed up the daisy leaves part, I forgot, THEIR FOR ACHING JOINTS... sorry Swiftriver, I probably shouldn't have given you the yarrow... YUCK
986 days ago
I got 9.50, I'm not sure exactly how that works, but ok! by the way, I'm Birchpaw! When I was a young kit, of my brother was nearly taken by a hawk. I leaped onto the hawk's wings as he was taking off, and the rest off river clan quickly came to help, but the hawk had already turned his attention to me. Long story short, my back left leg is useless. Please don't give me your sympathy, I'm proud of my new status as medicine cat, even though I often dream about racing through the forest with my littermates. I can be a lot more useful to my clan this way, I learn fast!
1041 days ago
10/10! I got 10/10 I am a true medicine cat of RiverClan. My name is Moonstep and my apprentice is oceanpaw. He is a great apprentice! Tell me of u are a true med.cat
1041 days ago
I am an advanced medicine cat. 9/10 but I ran out of time so I would have gotten 10/10
1104 days ago
I got 7/10..... not as good as I thought I would get.
1111 days ago
9/10! Medicine cat for life!! :)
1253 days ago
I got 8 out of 10. I guess that's pretty good.
1287 days ago
I’m Honeyfrost— I used to be a warrior but my hindlegs got paralyzed and I am a medicine cat. 8/10 first try 10/10 second try 🐱(epurple))
1348 days ago
I learned them at 5 moons 2!!!!!
1365 days ago
This quiz is so hard I have retaken it like tree times and can’t figure out what I am doing wrong!!!
1407 days ago
P.S Blackmoon taught me very well, but I learned most of these herbs at five moons old...heehee lol don't mean to brag, sorry if it sounds like that..-awkward chuckle-...
1407 days ago
Ten outta ten, yet again....hey that rhymed! Anyway, I just took this test for fun since I'm not a new medicine cat...I already got my full name..Blossomfrost! My mentor was Blackmoon, a RiverClan med. cat I made up for my rp.
1832 days ago
I enjoyed it a lot!!! It was fun.
1832 days ago
Do please don't take it seriously.
1832 days ago
Also this is just for fun.
1832 days ago
And yes i do read the books.I'm waiting for River of fire.which comes out in april, tenth two thousand eighteen.