Think you know your herbs? ( Warrior Cats )

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Quiz yourself on your knowledge of herbs, and see if you can get them all right!

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    Lavender is used for...

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1095 days ago
Pretty good for a first test, well done Blossomfrost!
1316 days ago
I have read every book and ever seen the word bindweed
1316 days ago
To Batwing
You are right bindweed is not even a warriors plant.Yes I just went to the fandom.
1554 days ago
btw Batwing, do cats even have books?? I mean, they can't read XD.
1589 days ago
Hello! Just wanted to say two things. Your test is very cool and amazing! And just like BatwingOfWaffleClan, I'm a bit confuzzled on the broken bones. I haven't read nearly every book, but I've never heard of it. Rushes, Comfrey, Cobwebs, and Bindweed are all stated to help broken bones. I looked up an herb list to check. Two, I again agree with BatwingOfWaffleClan. That was hilarious, "What Herb Makes Cats Sick?" "Wait...don't all herbs do that?" I laughed my head off and chose yarrow. ;-;
1648 days ago
Also, I loved the answer of What Herb Makes Cats Sick? Wait....dont all herbs do that? And also, please tell me what book... This so called Bindweed is used for. I'm very confuzzeled. I've read nearly every book besides the newer ones, and I've never heard of Bindweed.
1648 days ago
Hey, just wanted to ask, don't you use rushes to bind broken bones? I am a true medicine cat of WaffleClan and I read every book I can get my paws on XD