Are YOU really a medicine cat?

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This quiz is simply about the medicine cat herbs. I'm doing herbs that will switch from easy to hard, back and forth.

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    What herb binds broken bones?

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599 days ago
Which cats shouldn't go to the Dark Forest? Um, Mapleshade is evil! What are Firestar, Bluestar, Snowfur, and Oakheart doing in there? And for question 1, BOTH bindweed and rushes bind broken bones. And do deadly herbs have a use? The answer is yes, they kill a cat, but actually, no, they don't have a use because they are DEADLY. Who would need to use them? So there are a few problems with this quiz. All the same, it was quite good.
613 days ago
ok, what? some of these questions make no sense at all, like, the 3rd one, one of the answers was: he stayed in HER clan. What sort of cat is this? changing genders, and yew in another way to say DEATHBERRYS but it APPARENTLY ISNT a DEADLY herb. I got all the actual herb questions right, except for that one, and also the question, witch cats should go to starclan? ok WHAT! Why is does FIRESTAR belong in the DARKFOREST.

OK so, im done complaining, lets start over

I got 11 which I think is pretty good? By the way, I'm Birchpaw! When I was a young kit, one of my brothers, Troutkit, was nearly taken by a hawk. I leaped onto the hawk's wings as he was taking off, and the rest off river clan quickly came to help, but the hawk had already turned his attention to me. Long story short, my back left leg is useless. Please don't give me your sympathy, I'm proud of my new status as a medicine cat, even though I often dream about racing through the forest with my littermates. I can be a lot more useful to my clan this way, I learn fast!
624 days ago
There are WAY too many deadly herbs in this test
643 days ago
16/16 yay so you phesent shall bow to me
668 days ago
I am a true medicine cat and I got 10/10 I have memorized most of the herbs😁