Warrior Cats: True or False?

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These are some quiz questions that I made up just for fun.

  • 1
    In Sunrise, Power of Three, did a cat die because of a snake?
  • 2
    In Warriors: Into the Wild, did Rusty meet Bluestar first?
  • 3
    In Long Shadows: Power of Three, did Hollyleaf kill Ashfur?

  • 4
    Did Sandpaw dislike Firepaw when he first became a Clan cat?
  • 5
    Owlwhisker was unsure about Tallstar's dying decision to make him Leader.
    Were there hostilities amongst the WindClan cats?
  • 6
    In Warriors: The Darkest Hour, Firestar appointed a new Deputy in place of Whitestorm. Did he choose Dustpelt?

  • 7
    Ferncloud's son, Birchfall was the father of two healthy kits borne by Whitewing. Did he gain a son?
  • 8
    Sandstorm's a Grandmother to three kits! When Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather were born, did anyone but their mother and aunt know whose kits they really were?
  • 9
    Among the Tribe of Rushing Water, Stormfur loved a Tribe cat. If her name was Brook Where Small Fish Swim, push false. If her name was Cloud In Windy Sky push true.
  • 10
    Last question! Did Sol father Speckle's kits? (Speckle is a Kittypet.)

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264 days ago
In question 5, its actually Onewhisker not Owlwhisker