How well do you know Warrior Cats?

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Are you a true warrior? Take this quiz and find out

  • 1
    Ok let's begin with the basics. Who is Firestar?
  • 2
    Silverstream is a ____Clan cat who broke the warrior code by ______
  • 3
    Cinderpelt was reincarnated into _____

  • 4
    The Power of Three are:
  • 5
    In the Warriors Ultimate Guide, there is something wrong with Hollyleaf. What is it?
  • 6
    Crowfeather has loved _ cats named:

  • 7
    Squirrelkit and Leafkit are named because...
  • 8
    Thistleclaw went to ____
  • 9
    Bramblestar makes ________ his deputy.
  • 10
    Vocabulary Quiz! Pick the phrase a cat would most likely say.

Comments (38)


299 days ago
“Wow, what a mouse-brain. Someone needs to get reading.”
yes lol I love this
414 days ago
I got 10/10
My messge is apparently 'too' short so ignore this'
561 days ago
I got 7 out of 10 correct
647 days ago
I'm deputy and my leader is on her last life and has whitecough so I'll probably be leader soon.
647 days ago
You know, the only reason Thistleclaw went to the Dark Forest is because they needed interesting Dark Forest cats.
647 days ago
I've heard about the cats from this test from stories when I was a kit. And EVERYONE knows Firestar. I mean, seriously, that's the first story kits are told. So, EVERYONE knows Firestar. Clan cats, I mean.
695 days ago
Ok ummmmmmmm I got da unlimited guide and I rocked this quiz :P
716 days ago
i have the warrior cats guide but i dont have the warrior cats ultimate guide. the difference is that the normal guide dosent have all the cats so on question 5 i had to look up the picture xD
934 days ago
I picked that Thistleclaw was in the dark forest because he is evil but it kept on changing my answer to Bluestar chased him into the dark forest
963 days ago
Crow feather never loved Nightcloud so technically your questions correct answer is wrong. Crow feather only loved feather tail and leaf pool but he was mated with nightcoud. He was also never officially mated with feather tail they only loved each other. They were not in an official relationship.
963 days ago
I think some of the answers are too obvious even to someone who never read warriors. Like seriously, UNICORNCLAN?!? No one would believe that
979 days ago
Well, I personally am in ShadeClan, But, I hunt in TreeClan. >:D
979 days ago
Is there one that you could make by: “What kit will you have” ?
994 days ago
The Thistleclaw one is false. If you're gonna make a "how well do you know?" quiz, you should fact check your questions. The Bluestar chasing him out was a joke.
1020 days ago
I agree. Plus, the thing with 'I got hit with an object ad didn't get hurt' thing was stupid.
1026 days ago
Dovewing was not in the Power of three arc it was Hollyleaf is in the power of three Dovewing is in Omen of the stars
1080 days ago
sorry. I am two people. I am maple pelt AND jay's wing. I just RESLLY REALLY love jay's wing AND jayfeather. but jayfeatherlover is already taken. sorry peeps. and I will be jay's wing more ofton.
1080 days ago
whatev if I spelled force wrong. I honestly do not care! I mean who does?!
1080 days ago
I love jayfeather! HE. IS. AWESOME! everyone yell "I LOVE JAYFEATHER!!" on my command. 1...2...3.... I LOVE JAYFEATHER!
1080 days ago
good question, Maplepelt. and forced is not spelled forsed. it's FORCED. OBVIOUSLY.