Warrior Cats Facts!

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Do you know about warrior cats? Well let's put you up to the test! This quiz is about things that happened in the warriors series.

  • 1
    Is Graypool Mistyfoot's and Stonepelt's mother?
  • 2
    Was Firestar a Kittypet?
  • 3
    Sandstorm died in the warriors series.

  • 4
    Did Bluestar freak out when she found out about Tigerclaw's murder?
  • 5
    Spottedleaf got killed by Clawface.
  • 6
    Swiftbreeze is a boy.

  • 7
    Spottedleaf faded in Starclan.
  • 8
    Graystripe got captured by Twolegs.
  • 9
    Whitestorm is Bluestar's kin.
  • 10
    Bluestar's mother is Willowpelt.

  • 11
    Fireheart's half brother is Scourge.
  • 12
    Cinderpelt has a sister.
  • 13
    Brambleclaw is evil.
  • 14
    Darkstripe loves Goldenflower.
  • 15

    Tigerclaw's mate is Snowfur.
  • 16
    Hawkfrost is in the place of no stars.

  • 17
    Bluestar died saving her clan.
  • 18
    Firestar secretly loves Cinderpelt.
  • 19
    Mistyfoot is in Thunderclan.
  • 20
    Cloudtail does not believe in Starclan.

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798 days ago
bramble is evil! he is a absoloute terrible boyfrend and was a terrible cat from the start. he is made up to be this good hero when deep down he is a liar and cares only bout himself
972 days ago
Great quiz! Easy and fun
1161 days ago
I got 17 out of 20 I think I did pretty well for once
1173 days ago
I did pretty well. I am still reading Omen of The Stars and I am LOVING IT!!!!
1517 days ago
i feel pretty good on the test. how did u guys do?
1572 days ago
ha ha ha badger star:$
1572 days ago
i got 17 right out of 20.how did you guys do?
1728 days ago
Agreed, other leader friend. READ THE BOOKS. HOWL: help our wolves live. Thank you, thank you *bows*. RiverClan, have fish. ThunderClan, have squirrel, ShadowClan have rats or mice (whatever they eat, toads?), and WindClan, have rabbits!!!!!! *Onestar attacks me*. REALLY DUDE?
1808 days ago
Some of the real facts here don't make sense/are "wrong", like it's not Stormpelt is Stonefur... or like Sandstorm died in the warrior's series, what do you mean by the warrior's series?????
Read the books
1982 days ago
Ya dine english ist gut. Ich spechen auch german. I am American. But I lived in Germany for 2 years. Du bist gut auf english. Ich libe germany. I hope you understand my german.
1982 days ago
Are you serious?! This was so easy. You could have asked something like where did Ravenpaw die?
2503 days ago
Good! This is a good Quiz??? I don't know what quiz in english is. I'm from Germany. But I can good English. I have always a 2 in English tests.^^