The Side Stories in Warrior Cats

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This quiz covers all Super Editions and short stories.

  • 1
    In Mapleshade's Vengeance, who is Mapleshade's mate and what Clan is he from?
  • 2
    In Spottedleaf's Heart, which cat was Spottedpaw in love with, and why did she reject him?
  • 3
    In Thunderstar's Echo, who did Thunderstar choose to be the new deputy, and who was the first one?

  • 4
    In Pinestar's Choice, which two kittypets did Pinestar befriend?
  • 5
    In Hollyleaf's Story, which cat helped Hollyleaf after she was caught in the rockfall?
  • 6
    In Ravenpaw's Farewell, where did Ravenpaw die?

  • 7
    In Leafpool's Wish, which two cats convinced Squirrelflight to take Leafpool's kits?
  • 8
    In Dovewing's Silence, who were the two cats who died after the Great Battle?
  • 9
    In Tigerclaw's Fury, why did Nightstar die so soon after becoming leader?
  • 10
    In Goosefeather's Curse, what is Goosefeather's curse?

  • 11
    In Mistystar's Omen, why does Mistystar believe Mothwing is unfit to be a medicine cat?
  • 12
    In Cloudstar's Journey, why is SkyClan forced to leave the forest?
  • 13
    In Firestar's Quest, which Clan did Firestar leave to save?
  • 14
    In Tallstar's Revenge, which kittypet did Talltail meet on his journey?
  • 15
    In Bramblestar's Storm, how does Dustpelt die?
  • 16
    In Yellowfang's Secret, why did Raggedkit get so angry at Nutkit?

  • 17
    In Crookedstar's Promise, who was the Dark Forest cat that Crookedjaw made the promise to, and who was Crookedjaw's mate?
  • 18
    In Hawkwing's Journey, who is Hawkpaw's brother, and who is the rogue that drove SkyClan out of their territory?
  • 19
    In Bluestar's Prophecy, what are the names of Bluefur's kits, and who is their father?
  • 20
    In Tigerheart's Shadow, what does Tigerheart follow in order to find Dovewing?

  • 21
    In SkyClan's Destiny, who is the cream-colored rogue who joins SkyClan?
  • 22
    In Moth Flight's Vision, who is the SkyClan medicine cat and Moth Flight's mate?

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