Are you a true Warrior Cats fan?

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This is a quiz on the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter. If you haven't read The Last Hope in omen of the stars, please do not take this test, as there will be spoilers!
If you love warriors you're awesome😸

  • 1
    Who were Leafpool's and Crowfeather's kits?
  • 2
    Who was Mousefur's brother, mother, and father (in that order)
    No cheating! I see you on Google 😒
  • 3
    Firefur's description

  • 4
    Who are all of Tigerstar (Tigerclaw)'s kits?
  • 5
    Brokenstar's sisters were:
  • 6
    Who was Crookedstar's mate? Are Stonefur and Stormfur related at all?

  • 7
    Was Russetfur a kittypet?
  • 8
    All of Graystripe's kits were:
  • 9
    Who thought the sun was going to disappear?
  • 10
    Who were Leafstar's kits named after?

  • 11
    Who was Bluestar's second mate?
  • 12
    Who did Sandstorm's mentor's mother's father's mate's brother's crazy omen cause the death of?
  • 13
    Who is the oldest cat in warriors that ever lived?
  • 14
    Who died three times throughout the warriors series?
  • 15
    Who did Ivypool kill?
  • 16
    What cat did Mapleshade kill that caused the death of another cat? Who was that cat and how did he/she die?

  • 17
    How did Hollyleaf die?
  • 18
    Which of these cats are not siblings?
  • 19
    Who are all the ThunderClan leaders in the order they lead in?
  • 20
    Last question! Who are all of Bluestar's kits?

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945 days ago
((red)Was not expecting that haha
945 days ago
Wow! 20/20
1162 days ago
I am a SUPERFAN!!!!!!!!!!!
1162 days ago
I am a warriors fan. But it said I'm not
1317 days ago
Um... Stormfur and Stonefur ARE related. Bluestar’s mate is Oakheart. Their son is Stonefur. Oakheart is Crookedstar’s brother. Crookedstar’s daughter is Silverstream. Silverstream’s son is Stormfur. And Willowbreeze is Crookedstar’s mate.
1323 days ago
...................................WHAT! ?
1427 days ago
FIRSTTTTTTT BarkFace was the longest living cat, not MistyStar, Second of all, MORNINGSTAR WAS A LEADER, and for who died 3 times i did press HeavyStep and it says im worng and its HeavyStep, also i forgot to answer number 4.. i thought i did and i had the right answer
1547 days ago
First halftail is a dude second barkface lived longer than misty star
1584 days ago
2nd question, In order brother, mother father, Haftail is a guy........
1584 days ago
IM A SUPERFAN!!!!!!!!!
1585 days ago
They got a bunch of facts wrong
About Heavystep and Stonefur & Stormfur for one
1596 days ago
How could Heavystep have died three times if he isn’t a leader?
They never mentioned wishkit and hopekit in the books.
And yes, Stormfur and Stonefur are related! Because, Stonefur is Bluestar’s son and Oakheart is her mate, so Crookedstar is Oakheart’s brother and Silverstream is Crookedstar’s kit and Stormfur is Silverstream’s and Graystripe’s son. So there! They are related!
1604 days ago
Heavystep did not die three times as he only has one life, he might have still been mistaken by being alive in other books but that doesn't change that Firestar is the correct answer. I was correct btw you were vevry wrong
1614 days ago
Fourteen! Pretty good. This quiz was hard but I got a pretty good score ^ ^
1615 days ago
Wow... This was hard! I found out I'm under average in my Warriors knowledge... But who cares, I love them as much as anyone else ;)