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You've read all of the over 50 Warriors Books in counting then you may need to freshen up on your knowledge!

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    Who is Scourge related to by his father?
    Who is Scourge related to by his father?

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776 days ago
I love the moonkitti video when lionblaze and breezepelt are talking at the border and the video is like

Lionblaze:good thing you fought that bird on your side of the teratory or I would have had to send you home without a tail!
Breezepelt:Ya, good thing I don't catch the bird... OVER THERE!!!(practically throws the bird over the border and it slaps lionnlaze in the face)
Lionblaze:Breezpelt, my, mOtHeRs more ATTRACTED THAN YOUR MOTHER!
Breezepelt: Youd mothers HIdiOus!(by now there fighting)

It's on youtube... watch it!
783 days ago
Ashfur is trash😾🗑everyone should watch moonkitti (if you've already seen one of her videos comment your favorite line, mine is... "then firestar had to choose between baby murder face and the respected medicine cat yellowfang, Yellowfang your fired!") Favorite ship is numer 2!!!! Cinderblaze forever 😻
784 days ago
I agree! Ashford is AWFUL! seriously why is he even in starclan?!?!
796 days ago
I think you right Eli. But it may have been that the battle weakened him and the tree was the final thing to take away his 9th life but I'm not really sure 🤔 Also BRAMBLESTAR IS MUCH BETTER THAN ASHFUR
802 days ago
Actually, Firestar’s last life was killed off by Tigerstar when the Darkforest attacked. Isn’t that right? (Lol it has been quite a while since I have read Warrior Cats 😅)
805 days ago
My favorite ship has GOT to be 6) Bramblestar and squirrelflight .if you agree comment your favorite ship name for them, samblestar or bquirrlflight
809 days ago
1) Firestar x sandstrom
2) Cinderheart x lionblaze
4) Tigerheart x Dovewing
5) Silverstream x Greystripe
6) write a different ship in the comments!
832 days ago
Well that was real fun!😸
833 days ago
What the neck is moonclan????
838 days ago
Hi ya'll! I made this quiz and I would just like to say that you should not be afraid to comment, in face I would love to see more comments! Thanks for taking the quiz!!!😄
840 days ago
The quiz says stonefur not stormfur
840 days ago
This quiz was okay but bluestars kit was stonefur not storm fur. Stormfurs mom was silverstream
840 days ago
This was a great quiz 10 out of 10!!!!😺😺😺