Warriors true or false

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Here is a short quiz, but it will blow your mind! It's really hard, but if your a true warrior fan, how much do you know....

  • 1
    Is Silverpelt the Milky Way?
  • 2
    Squiellflight had four kits
  • 3
    Princess is Firestars mother

  • 4
    Graystripe is in love with a kittypet
  • 5
    Crowfeather first love was leafpool
  • 6
    Brindleface was killed by dogs

  • 7
    Mothwing and hawkfrost has a brother
  • 8
    Bluestar had a Thunderclan mate
  • 9
    Darkstripe was loyal
  • 10
    Whitestorm is Bluestars kin

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1171 days ago
yes it is correct because after they move to the Lake, he gets lost and falls in love with Mille, a kittypet, who then follows him to the lake territory
1342 days ago
The Greystripe one is not right.
1483 days ago
awesome! so fun! On question seven, I'm a little bit confused. I know they have a brother named toad, but maybe you could have said the question better. Just some feedback for the future!
1490 days ago
Cool! This really tested out my skill. also, it is super hard, but fun.