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True or false questions of the Clans and all about them! Even if you are just skimming through quizzes, have a wonderful day! 😸

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    When Rusty (later Firestar) joined ThunderClan, Redtail was already dead.
  • 2
    Spottedleaf was killed in ‘Fire and Ice’ which is the second book of the first series.
  • 3
    Cinderpaw (later Cinderpelt) had her leg injured by a chasing a bird that flew up a tree, and she fell and broke her leg.

  • 4
    Firestar received his last life of nobility from Bluestar.
  • 5
    Cobwebs are used to wrap poultices around wounds, secure medicines, and stop the bleeding.
  • 6
    Brokenstar (also referred to as Brokentail) was born with his tail bent in a crooked shape.

  • 7
    Crookedstar, when he was a kit, broke his jaw by slipping on a river stone and hitting it on a rock.
  • 8
    Moving on to the New Prophecy, Stormfur was not in love with Brook first, but actually had a crush on Squirrelflight (then Squirrelpaw.)
  • 9
    Stormfur was the chosen cat in the Tribe’s prophecy that said a silver cat would save them from the mountain lion haunting them.
  • 10
    Feathertail is Graystripe and Millie’s daughter.

  • 11
    Continuing to the Power Of Three, Hollyleaf was one of the Three.
  • 12
    Jayfeather was a deaf gray tom with blue eyes, who became a Medicine Cat because he was deaf.
  • 13
    Crowfeather is the father to Leafpool’s kits, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf.
  • 14
    Squirrelflight was Ashfur’s mate, leaving Brambleclaw to be with him instead.
  • 15
    Last question, from the fourth series, Omen Of The Stars! This might be the hardest one yet, and also it might seem a little random. Brambleclaw was Dovewing and Ivypool’s grandfather.

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4 days ago
WARRIOR-CAT 515! WARRIOR-CAT 515! I KNOW WHO BRAMBLESTAR'S IMPOSTOR IS! IT'S HAWKFROST! (I know everybody thought he was dead, but about that hint about blue eyes, that pelt colour, personality... who knows? We'll find out in Erin Hunter's Darkness Within:))