Warrior Cat quiz

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Well, a quiz, if I do say so myself

  • 1
    When Firestar came to the forest there were four queens: Speckletail, Goldenflower, Brindleface & Frostfur. True or false?
  • 2
    Whitestorm were Dustpelt’s mentor, true or false?
  • 3
    Firestar’s mother were princess, true or false?

  • 4
    Firestar did never broke the warrior code & that's why he been a so good leader, true or false?
  • 5
    Squirrelflight needed to choose between Bramblestar & Ashfur and chose Bramblestar, true or false?
  • 6
    Brindleface died of Tigerstars
    ”Trick”, true or false?

  • 7
    Spottedleaf and Redtail were siblings, true or false?
  • 8
    Bluestars sister were Mistystar, true or false?
  • 9
    Crookedstar had a very bad childhood, true or false?
  • 10
    Last Question: Ravenpaw get killed of Tigerstar, true or false?

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