Warrior cat quiz, would you be able to be a medicine cat?

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Let's test your medicine cat skills

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    What is used to cure toothache?

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272 days ago
I wanted to get all the herbs right sniff but I got 8 out of 10 nooooo
421 days ago
425 days ago
I am now a full Winclan medicine cat! 10/10
536 days ago
I am a full medicine cat of shadowclan now and I passed my test. i got a score of 10 out of 10!!
571 days ago
Oh- I think I should be apprentice-
571 days ago
I'm training myself to be a med cat, this really helps. Thanks to who made it!
580 days ago
I retook the test and I got nine out of ten
580 days ago
I got seven out of the ten questions right, I am Shimmerwave from ThunderClan
600 days ago
lets go 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
620 days ago
Hi! My name is Ashwhisker. My mother is Redwillow and my father is Flamewhisker. I have one sister, Flowerbreeze, and no brothers. My mate is Alexleaf, a former kittypet. I have a son, Owlfur, and a daughter, Sandstrike. I am currently the deputy of Thunderclan. My pelt is cream colored while I have emerald eyes. My former mate, Moonpelt, died by hitting a monster.
620 days ago
I got 8/10! Apprentice! I've always wanted to be one :>
720 days ago
NOICE i got 0/10 "im NOT fine" (for blixime)
720 days ago
I IS NOT AN APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
720 days ago
WAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM AN APP!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! !!!!!!!!! "literaly kills everything"
730 days ago
Yay, I got 9 out of 10 correctly!
738 days ago
Yay 7/10 ima apprentice!
743 days ago
I got 2/10 lol guess I’ve got to go back to being an apprentice
747 days ago
Hello my name is Featherpaw. I am a pale gray she-cat with light yellow eyes and i belong to thunderclan. I was training to be a warrior until i fell off of the sky oak. I crippled my leg and i am doing better now (i crippled my hind leg so i couldn't hunt thats why i am a medicine cat). I am a fast learner and my mentor is Alderheart. My parents are Twigbranch and Finleap (Twigbranch never acctully had a kit yet just in case). I am learning all the herbs and love to share with Starclan, sometimes i do go into other cats dreams but shh. I hate cleaning the Elders den and doing the ticks with that yucky stuff i use. My brother and sisters are, Pebblepaw a white she-cat with grey eyes, Dirtpaw a brown tom with blue eyes, Plumpaw a dark grey and brown spotted she-cat with green eyes. I am excited for my first battle to heal but i hope i don’t get attacked.
799 days ago
I finally get to be a med cat app! My mentors name is littledove, and i got most of the herbs right! ( warrior cat role plays finally paying off 😂 )
800 days ago
Hello I am Lilacstream a WindClan medicine cat. How is the prey running? This is my new apprentice Gingerpaw! I am great with the herbs! They are easy actually! And Gingerpaw learns so fast! Cats always come to me for comfort! I do a really good job and I kind of like Flamestorm the Thunderclan deputy. My mother is Hazelfur and my father is Whitestar! My sister is Goldenfeather but she went to Riverclan and I miss her so much! There is greencough in the camp! Do any of you have any catmint to spare? I used almost all of it and two elders and one kit died! Please will you spare some catmint for me? The sun should help the cats get better but I would like to be sure! I almost had to have Gingerpaw stay at camp but I could not let her miss her first visit to the Moonpool! And one of our kits was such a mouse brain and ate crow food! I had to give him the last of my juniper berrys to help with his stomach ache because that cheeky kit would not stop complaining! And I had to give him lots of my poppy seeds and me and Gingerpaw can’t find much more! Have any to spare? Have any of you had visions from StarClan? I did! It was terrible! It said that “the stream will split into two and a cat will be lost forever!” It sounds terrible but and Whitestar does not know what to do! Anyways a Shadowclan kit was found on our territory and Whitestar is furious! You have to talk to Shadowclans leader I don’t want an attack!