Warrior Cats The cats of all the Clans

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Do you think you know all the cats and their life?
Find it out!

Warning: Most of these Questions are hard!

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    Who were Bluestar's parents?

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892 days ago
This quiz needs updating. Dovewing and Ivypool are warriors, Squirrelflight has kits (now fully grown, Alderheart and Sparkpelt), Brook and Stormfur now have kits, yeah. Quite a lot more as well. So PLEASE update this, it needs it! Apart from that, good quiz, I got 35/40 even though I have read every book except the novellas (and I have read 4 of those), so it's clear this needs UPDATING!!!
958 days ago
For one thing, Sol IS a loner; he is described as one in the books many times. Also please update your information; Dovewing and Ivypool are senior warriors at the point of the newest book. Also Brook and Stormfur have kits now.
960 days ago
I only got half right 20/40 even though Ive read the entire series, yea GET ME MORE WARRIORS BOOKS!!!!!!
971 days ago
To long. but good quiz
1032 days ago
Yeah you need to update this... Ivypool and Dovewing are warriors now and Squirrelflight is the mother of Alderheart and Sparkpelt. Also Thrushpelt is missing a H, but this was fun and tested my knowledge (I knew not playing attention to Greystripe probably would annoy me one day)
1356 days ago
i am reading fading echoes and i am trying to remember my warrior cats knowlege that leaves me with like one or two brain cells for grammar and math
y e s i am the warriors master fear me
1357 days ago
Starclan oh just wait with Hawkfrost...oh just wait... and it said, “who were squirrelflight’s kits?” But Alderheart and Sparkpelt were her birthed kits. Not Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Loinblaze.
1826 days ago
Easy I watch over all of them 100% is what I got not to brag also ,Hawkfrost isn't mean his dad is Tigerclaw who **meets eye to eye with Tigerclaw**
1980 days ago
but for me, it's ez. if you know the book Warriors well, then you should do good.
1980 days ago
The first are ez, but it gets harder, and HARDER until you faint.
2434 days ago
Tigerstar had 5 kits Tawnypelt, bramblestar, hawkfrost, mothwing, and tadpole.
2534 days ago
I know. I did it ages ago and only got half of the questions right. I've read Warrior Cats twice as well.
2534 days ago