Brightheart! Warrior Cats quiz

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All about Brightheart, one of my favorite cats!
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  • 1
    Brightpaw has 3 siblings.
    (her and 3 others)
  • 2
    Brightpaw went with Swiftpaw to see what was at snake rocks.
  • 3
    Brightpaw and Swiftpaw both didn't make it back alive

  • 4
    Brightpaw liked Swiftpaw.
  • 5
    Brightpaw is found at snake rocks alive, but knocked out, and taken back to the thunderclan territory. Bluestar gave her a warrior name in case she went to starclan. (the name was Lostface)
    True? Or false?
  • 6
    Brightheart mates with Cloudtail, after he shows affection to her.

  • 7
    Brightheart leaves Thunderclan
  • 8
    Brightheart has more than one kit.
  • 9
    Brightheart is one of my favorites!
  • 10
    Brightheart is still living

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439 days ago
I did know thank you Goldenfrost. And THIS IS SO LONG AGO I'm not surprised I only got 7 out of 10 because it's not updated
848 days ago
I got 10/10. Pretty easy, but good.
1052 days ago
Congrats! I dont hate Windclan, but don't love it either. Np! I love making quizzes. Cool story!
1066 days ago
Why does everyone hate windclan?!?! I personally only hate Onestar
1067 days ago
Yo!! Goldenfrost, thanks for the great quiz! I enjoyed it! I really love Brightheart. I got 10/10!

Also, I love all of the clans (my older brother sitting next to me: even ShAdOwClAn?)! Except for... WINDCLAN! In my OC story, WindClan kills my mother Seabreeze, father Woodclaw, sisters Beepaw and Snaketail, and brother Lichenclaw. I know, very sad but I have my sister Breezewing and my bff Frostcloud... Tawnycloud got killed too.
Well, on a brighter side, THANKS FOR THE QUIZ!
1143 days ago
Yew my fav character
1181 days ago
I got 10/10! It is a wonderful quiz and I am so happy that quizzes like this are on the market (my friend sitting next to me: market..?).
My favorite clans are ThunderClan, RiverClan, SkyClan and ShadowClan, so basically every clan but I hate WindClan!
1333 days ago
Congrats! Ty for taking it guys!!!
1333 days ago
My fav clan is shadowclan or Riverclan but I hate skyclan. Cool quiz I got 100% !
1335 days ago
I got a really high score I like all the clans
1337 days ago
Tell me your score! Hope you enjoy :3
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Tell me your favorite clan! :)