How well do you know DOVEWING?

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Quiz about the Warrior Cats! The cat we are quizzing today is Dovewing! Check out JayfeatherBB's quizzes, that is me too! Also, as JayfeatherBB, I loved Silverfeather's fan fictions!
UPDATE: Changed the eye color situation, changed the results, and changed last question.

  • 1
    (Easy) Who was Dovewing's mother?
  • 2
    (Easy) who was her dad?
  • 3
    (Easy) her Littermate?

  • 4
    (Easy) what was Dovewing's final mate?
  • 5
    (Easy) what special power did Dovewing receive? (Power of the stars in her paws)
  • 6
    (Normal) what color was Dovewing's fur?

  • 7
    (Normal) what color are Dovewing's eyes?
  • 8
    (Normal) who does Dovewing like, but doesn't have kits with?
  • 9
    (Normal) did Dovewing like Jayfeather?
  • 10
    (HARD) what season is Dovewing born in?

  • 11
    (HARD) what kind of prey did Dovewing hate to eat when she was young?
  • 12
    (HARD) what season did Dovewing leave to give birth to her kits in the city?
  • 13
    (HARD) what season were Dovewing's kits born in?
  • 14
    (HARD) How did Dovewing's mate, Tigerheart die? (The first time)
  • 15

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939 days ago
I know why you guys are confused about Dovewing's eye colour - I read in a non-fiction book that when kits are born, their eye colour starts off as blue. As they get older, their eyes merge into their original colour, though some still have hints of blue.
1150 days ago
Yeah, I'm just saying they are green because everyone says that's what color they are, and that's what color they are on the cover
1156 days ago
Actually no one knows Dovewing's eye color.Sometimes it says amber,sometimes yellow,sometimes green,soemtimes blue,sometimes light blue. But the last eye color i read was blue,so i think her eyes color as some aqua color,a greenish blue
1196 days ago
Both I just put the creator thing on the end once because I wanted you guys to know I was the one who made it
1232 days ago
JayfeatherBB (59576)
Creator, JayfeatherBB (08223)
Who's the real one?
1251 days ago
Guys if u liked this one I also have a pename of JayfeatherBB I write fan fics
1354 days ago
I should change it but I cant now
1408 days ago
The question that asks do you love dove wing is just unfair. That’s a persons opinion.
1475 days ago
srry to say but her eyes are green its on the cover the hunters always mix up the eye colors of their characters but dovewings eyes are originally green