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Cinderpelt trivia

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Have you ever wondered about how much you know about Cinderpelt? Test your knowledge in this timed quiz!

  • 1
    What are Cinderpelt's roles?
  • 2
    Who is Cinderpelt's brother?
  • 3
    Who did Cinderpelt love?

  • 4
    Did Cinderpelt get a second life?
  • 5
    What was Cinderpelt's SECOND warrior name?
  • 6
    Cinderpelt died protecting..........

  • 7
    Cinderpelt's second littermates were...
  • 8
    Cinderheart's mate was.......
  • 9
    Did Cinderpelt ever have kits? If so, how many?
  • 10
    Did Cinderpelt have an apprentice? If so, their names.

Comments (4)


656 days ago
I can't beleive I just got 6 out of 10!
691 days ago
10/10. Way to go- and thanks for the kind words, Cinderpelt
691 days ago
Me too.......... I keep getting 9/10, and I can't find out what I got wrong. But other than that, it's a good quiz.
694 days ago
I wish I knew which ones I got right ;-;