The Warrior cats Quiz!

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Do you think you know everything about Warriors? Try this quiz then! There are questions in this quiz from Into the Wild to Outcast! There are a lot of tough questions in the quiz!

  • 1
    In what book does Brightheart lose one eye?
  • 2
    Which cat accuses Firestar of being still in love with Spottedleaf?
  • 3
    Which cat fits this description: small black tom with one white paw?

  • 4
    What is Brokenstar's warrior name?
  • 5
    Who are Brokenstar's parents?
  • 6
    Who feed the RiverClan cats when their fish was poisoned?

  • 7
    What are the names of Stormfur and Brook Where Small Fish Swim's kits?
  • 8
    Who left ThunderClan to live in RiverClan with his/her kits?
  • 9
    Which cat got hurt from being run over by a monster?
  • 10
    Who was Cloudtail's foster mother?

  • 11
    Who was Graystripe's mate after Silverstream joined StarClan?
  • 12
    Who is Crowfeather's father?
  • 13
    Why does Willowfur join ShadowClan?
  • 14
    Who killed Spottedleaf?
  • 15
    Who does Tigerstar tell Darkstripe to bring with him?
  • 16
    Which cats are half ThunderClan and half RiverClan?

  • 17
    Who fell in love with Crowfeather?
  • 18
    Who loves Leafpool?
  • 19
    Who loves Squirrelflight?
  • 20
    From these clues discover who is my favorite warrior cat:): HE is dark gray, he had two forbidden loves, he lost one to Sharptooth, and he lost the other one because see wanted to go back to ThunderClan. Who is he?

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1448 days ago
Nightcloud and Crowfeather never loved each other; Crowfeather just took her as a mate to prove his loyalty to WindClan. Also, Stormfur and Brook's kits are Lark and Pine. And Crowfeather's father is Deadfoot.
1451 days ago
Awsome quiz. I like it.
1563 days ago
I love this quiz,it is so,kind of easy AND KIND OF HARD, I really CAN test my skills of warrior cats
1618 days ago
It's great, except that there is some wrong information.
1637 days ago
I like this quiz and I got 16/20 Iā€™m on book 3 of a new prophecy
1694 days ago
Just to tell you ( GREAT quiz btw ) crow feathers father was dead foot and storm fur and brooks kits are lark that sings at dawn and pine that clings to rock šŸ†šŸ…šŸ¦…šŸ¦šŸ¦ŠšŸ±šŸÆ
1840 days ago
stormfurs kits are lark and dawn or something. btw Redmoon is a cool name right?!
1840 days ago
Crowfeathers Father is deadfoot and brooks and stormfurs kits are Lark that sings at dawn and Pine that clings to rock. You should really fact check
1872 days ago
I think Stormfur and Brook's kits were Pine and Leaf or something.. But further on nice quiz! I only got acouple wrong even though I knew them. '-.- Well, who caress... I knew these so it's not even useful to know actually this was a boring quiz just kidding I have no life yes bye.I SAID BYUEEOML THEN DO BYEOkay bye..