Warriors the fist arc

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This is a quiz about Warriors the first book ever.

  • 1
    Did Yellowfang kill Spottedleaf?
  • 2
    Bluestar was leader of Thunderclan?
  • 3
    Tigerclaw became deputy after Lionhearts' death.

  • 4
    Was there a death of Brokenstar?
  • 5
    Did Firepaw became Fireheart in this book
  • 6
    Did Redtail die?

  • 7
    Did someone went to Riverclan from Thunderclan in this book?
  • 8
    Did over 3 cats die.
  • 9
    Yellowfang became MC after Spottedleaf.
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz?

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104 days ago
oops here's the answer (again don't read if you haven't take test and don't redo after reading this)
Did Yellowfang kill Spottedleaf? false
Was Bluestar leader of ThunderClan? true
Did Tigerclaw became deputy after Lionheart died? True
Was there a death of Brokenstar? True (but really, brokenstar was still alive in fire and ice)
Did Firepaw become Fireheart in this book? True
Did Redtail die? True(Tigerclaw killed him!!!)
Did someone went from ThunderClan to RiverClan in this book? True (but this one's confusing me)
Did over 3 cats die? True (Lionheart, Redtail, Spottedleaf, I think someone else)
Did Yellowfang become MC (medicine cat) after Spottedleaf? True
Did you like this quiz? Any answer (I did true, but you can do false or true)
104 days ago
Dont read this if you didn't take the test. If you read this and took the test and didn't get all answers right, don't redo the test.(I mean quiz when I say test)

Did Yellowfang kill Spotted?
104 days ago
It took me 2 days to read the first book, and the same amount for the second book. I was reading the books all day. The annyoying part is i have to wait for the books. I put all the books in the first series on hold, since one of them I had to wait for 18 weeks it said, so yeah. until then, I have to do Into The wild and Fire And Ice quizes until I read Forest of Secrets but I have to read lots of the books for some of the quizzes. I can't belive I have to wait forever. if I didn't, I would already be on the second series.
104 days ago
it says 10 out of 10 when I say brokenstar died and brokenstar becomes brokentail in the second book, they just chased him out BUT if you mean he lost a life, I think that's correct!
104 days ago
What? I literally just read the first book, and I answered all things correct, and I got 8 out of 10! Maybe you should reread the book Ismail then update this?