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The Fourth Apprentice

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What do you know about the first book in the Omen of the Stars arc in Warrior Cats?

  • 1
    What forces cats to leave the Clans and search for a solution to the problem they are facing?
  • 2
    Which cats go from ShadowClan to find the missing water?
  • 3
    Which cat dies in the book? How?

  • 4
    Which Clan lays claim to the lake?
  • 5
    Who is the deputy of WindClan at the time?
  • 6
    Near the end of the book, Poppyfrost gives birth to two kits. Whose are they and what are their names?

  • 7
    One apprentice goes on the quest. Who is she and which Clan is she from?
  • 8
    How many elders are there in RiverClan?
  • 9
    Two cats live at Horseplace. What are their names?
  • 10
    How many cats are now part of ThunderClan who were formerly not of the Clans?

  • 11
    Which loner helps the cats of the Clans free the water?
  • 12
    Which Clan cat had training from their medicine cat before the journey?
  • 13
    Where was the fatal wound that killed Rippletail?
  • 14
    Which StarClan cat gives Dovepaw a prophecy?
  • 15
    Which journeying cat is picked up by a Twoleg?

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