The New Prophecy Warriors: Sunset

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Did you really read this book carefully? How well do you really know it?

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    What guests entered the ThunderClan camp after the badger attack?
    What guests entered the ThunderClan camp after the badger attack?

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897 days ago
Um... guys am im the only oné who finish a warriors book in ½ day?
897 days ago
10/10 even tho"dovewing" is right. Ashfur set the trap but this is an quiz about sunset. So the things that happens after this ìs not important
1140 days ago
Even though I read The New Prophecy months and months before, I still got 100 percent :)
1140 days ago
Actually the answer for question 10 is ashfur. According to the third series, ashfur set the trap for firestar in order to hurt squirrelflight’s feelings.
1185 days ago
Good quiz, I'm rating it four stars.
1304 days ago
I usually finish a warriors book in about 2 months
1352 days ago
Wow josh that is a pretty great memory!
1352 days ago
Ok no offense silent stream but that is a long time to read one book! I can read a warriors book in 3 days tops😸
1672 days ago
I only missed one but I'm on the last prophecy she has right now as of 2019 I've been reading for 1.5 yaers
1675 days ago
Yeah!!!! 10/10 over here!!!!!!!!
2138 days ago
Actually, we find out later that Ashfur set the trap for Firestar and helped Hawkfrost because He wanted to kill Firestar to get back at Squirrelflight and he hoped Brambleclaw would actually Kill him and be driven from the territory so he could be Squirrelflight's mate. Hawkfrost only tried to convince Brambleclaw to kill Firestar. Also, we can figure that Ashfur had a part in this because in Sunset, Birchpaw, who is Ashfur's apprentice, was the one that told Firestar that Blackstar was waiting for him on the border. And we know he didn't do it. And by the way. I might not be 100% right because this is all from memory.