How well do you know Wings of Fire?

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The title says it all! Have you read this book correctly? Do you think you would know most of the answers? Please do not cheat and look at the book!

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    What type of dragon is this?
    What type of dragon is this?

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29 days ago
i guess blindness kinda classifys as a disability
29 days ago
Question 8. Starflight doesn't have a disability. All Nightwings (Besides Moon) don't have mind reading or can't tell the future. So doesn't that classify it as not a disability, or do all Nightwings have a disability besides Moon?
129 days ago
Sunny is actually a sandwing-nightwing
148 days ago
LOL i got 10/10 xD also what sunny is part nightwing NOT part icewing, that stupid. i woudnt think about some icewing out of their kingdom lol
226 days ago
lots of the "facts" were wrong
239 days ago
Yeah it is a ColorWing yup.
254 days ago
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm he is blind
254 days ago
IMAO IKR. bruh and it isnt even a "disability" nightwings cant have powers without moon
297 days ago
STARFLIGHT'S DISABILITY IS:BLINDNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! HAS THIS GUY EVEN READ THE 5TH. BOOK:The Brightest Night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
301 days ago
301 days ago
301 days ago
Guess what guys! Sandwing is not Sandwing-Nightwing! Because she is also part ICEWING! Because in the 6 book Darkstlaker said she was related to Whiteout because Stonemover was an animus/and was related to Whiteout that is the only way he could have got his powers through his bloodline.
301 days ago
Um wait? Starflight does not have anything wrong with him! He might be blind- And also- guESS WHAT GUYSS- NONE OF THE NIGHTWINGS HAVE POWERS SINCE THEY WERE BORN ON THE VOLCANO!! (exept moon watcher)undefined
373 days ago
Spoiler ąlert

No offense, but to whoever made this, did you finish the 5th book when you were making this quiz? Because Starflight went blind, which wasn't an option, and it is not a disability that he can't see the future or read minds (He would have really strong mind reading and foresight if he hatched outside where he would be exposed to the moons and not in the cave, because it was the brightest night so there were 3 moons.) Also in the 5th book, Sunny learns she is a Sandwing-Nightwing hybrid.
414 days ago
uh i guess this is easy i i uh got all of them right
416 days ago
Okay. Super easy. Starflight's only disability is being blind, which wasn't a option. :(
422 days ago
Ok, startflights disibilty is blindness and that is not an option, he is blind, not being able to read minds or see futures is jot his disability because almost no one can, this is not up to date
434 days ago
Sunny is a SandWing-NightWing hybrid. Starflight's disabillity is that he is blind. But maybe this was a quiz for people who read book one only.
484 days ago
Lol, for number eight it's changed, Starflight's so-called disability is no longer abnormal, and he's also... bLiNd-
499 days ago
Woo Hoo! All the answers! But of course you would expect that coming from a WoF fan. Oh, nice quiz by the way!