Wings of Fire who said it?

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Lots of Wings of Fire quotes, including the classic "magical death spit".

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    "We would never allow such higgledy- piggledy in our kingom"?
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    "Great! You can be the ideas dragon and I can be the WHAM BAM SHOVE A PINEAPPLE UP HIS SNOUT DRAGON!"?

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    "Clay, stop it. Stop dying RIGHT NOW."?
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    "Alright, I'll wait another two thousand years to make a joke about my evilness."?
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    "This is our first visitor from the lost continent."?

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    "To kill Darkstalker! Hooray!"?
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    "The mountains only eat IceWings."?
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    "I can't believe Kinkajou is making more sense then Moon right now."?

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    "Don't forget all handsome."?
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    "Pompous worm-face snob-head camel-turd."?
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    "I think I'd make a fantastic spy."?
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    "You should ask him about the scorching. Then he won't shut up."?
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    "Fiddlesquids, you are a student. What you have to do is sit down and fill your mind with knowledge."?

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    "She says I ORDINARY! How rude! I never."?
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    "YOU'RE nonagoshabibble."?
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    "Moon moon moon moon moooooooooon pies!"?
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    "Has anyone told you you ask a lot of questions?"?

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    "So, this is the small dragon who'd thrown my hive in such a tizzy."?
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    "I know this is weird, but I kind of want to give you a hug right now."?

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171 days ago
Whoops meant to say I ship both Moonbli and Qinter.
172 days ago
First of all, I hate the "Dumb Mudwing" stereotype. Second, Qibli and Moon are the ships I ship to be together as well as Peril and Clay, Tsunami and Riptide, Sundew and Willow, and Qibli and Winter if not Qibli and Moon. Also, amazing quiz!
324 days ago
Amazing quiz! Also ? He was the first commenter what about Winter? Winter is gonna be lonely he is too violent
456 days ago
Cool 15/22 pretty good haven’t really read the 1st and 2nd arc in a while just got the poison jungle really enjoyed it I read it in about 5 days
468 days ago
That was cool you combined the two names:)
520 days ago
wump i dumb MudWing:(
603 days ago
I think Qibily will be with Moon’ Turtle will be with Kinkaju’ and peril will be with clay and Tusuname will be with Riptide