Wings Of Fire ships! Quiz

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This is a test to see if you know who likes who in this amazing series!

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    Who does MoonWatcher like?
    Who does MoonWatcher like?

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42 days ago
This isn't accurate, Kinkajou like Turtle and Moon ends up with Qibli.
219 days ago
well it wasnt very accurate but it was pretty good.
266 days ago
I don't like the timed quizzes. BTW, on the last question, everything should be right so someone can voice their opinion. Also, some of the answers are just wrong.
321 days ago
I'm sorry but this is so wrong. Kinkajou was enchanted to like Turtle and Qibli and Winter do not like each other. Moon loves Qibli and Qibli likes Moon. Starflight likes Sunny and Sunny doesntlike anyone.
352 days ago
Yeah... none of these questions have the correct answers. Qibli and Winter do not love each other, Sunny doesn't love Starflight, Moon loves Qibli, and HAVE YOU EVEN READ THE BOOKS!?
378 days ago
Um... maybe you should actually put the correct answers, like Qibli actually likes Moon, not Winter, Winter likes Moon, and Sunny does not love Starflight. FYI
429 days ago
444 days ago
I agree!! this isn't really correct...!
478 days ago
this is all wrong!!! first of all, moon likes qibli not winter. Second of all kinkajou doesn't like anyone she was enchanted to like turtle. Third of all sunny doesn't like starflight, starflight likes sunny. And fourth of all qibli likes moon not winter he might just a little but he like moon more
568 days ago
AHEM! I think this quiz was very incorrect. First off Starflight likes Sunny, Sunny doesn't like anyone. And Kinkajou does NOT Have a crush on Winter! Plus The Questions with Qibli, Moon, And Winter were all false. Moon seems to like Qibli, Qibli likes Moon. Winter likes Moon. Yes there are Qinter shippers, I am actually one of them but saddly Qibli doesn't like Winter and Winter doesn't like Qibli.
632 days ago
Tbh, I would want to ship Winterwatcher but Moon chooses Qibli at the end, not Winter, and Qibli likes her back...
638 days ago
Is this your opinion? It's fine if its is, the quiz just doesn't make any sense.
644 days ago
Sorry But Qibli And Moon Are A Couple Soooo YOU BETTER STOP SHIPPING WINTER AND MOON!!!(eblue))
644 days ago
Correction is is Qibliwatcher not Wingterwatecher
726 days ago
SPOILERS! I politely disagree, moon chooses QUIBLI in the end and quibli goes with moon, However I may have misunderstood this quiz, maybe its oppion of the creator