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Wings of Fire quiz

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This is a quiz about all 15 Wings of Fire books

  • 1
    Which dragon is this?
    Which dragon is this?
  • 2
    A species of dragon has a venomous barb on the end of their tail. Which one is it?
  • 3
    By the end of book 14, how old are the Dragonets of Destiny?

  • 4
    How many different species of dragon are there in Pirrhia?
  • 5
    Which character is this?
    Which character is this?
  • 6
    How many books contain the following characters as main ones: Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Starflight and Sunny?

  • 7
    Who helps the dragonets of the prophecy escape from the sky Kingdom?
  • 8
    What species is Dune and which book does he die in?
  • 9
    What power does Moon the NightWing have that other NightWings haven't had in years?
  • 10
    Which book is from the point of view of Moon?

  • 11
    Which winglet are Moon, Kinkajou, Winter, Qibli and Turtle in?
  • 12
    Which character that is the main character of a book is a SkyWing?
  • 13
    Which species can tell the future?
  • 14
    What was the name of the last pure IceWing animus dragon?
  • 15
    Which dragon is this?
  • 16
    Who worded the enchantment on the strawberry at the end of book 10?

  • 17
    What species is Blue?
  • 18
    There is something special about Blue and Luna that most SilkWings don't have. What is it?
  • 19
    What is this dragon's name?
    What is this dragon's name?
  • 20
    What species was supposedly extinct?

  • 21
    What is the name of "The Lost Continent"(The continent with LeafWings, HiveWings and SilkWings)?
  • 22
    Which character stars in the(As of 28/03/2022) unreleased "The Flames of Hope" book?
  • 23
    Which arc has the most books?

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Such an amazing quiz!