Do you know your anime?
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Do you know your anime?

I would like to say goodluck and please, no cheating. Your prize will be big! - Sailorgalaxi

Question 1:Let's be simple...Which anime came out in the early 90's and is still basically around now? (think...the author name is NT)
Ayashi No Ceres
Sailor Moon
Ah! My Goddess!

Question 2:Ah! My Goddess - What school does Morisato Keiichi and Morisato Megumi go to?
Nekomi Tech
Maomi Tech
University of Tokyo
Tokyo Tech
Crossroads Junior High

Question 3:Ah! My Goddess - What class is Belldandy?
Social Sciences

Question 4:Sailor Moon - What song does Chibi-Usa sing to Tuxedo Kamen in the dubbed TV series?
Sunny or Rain, I'm happiest, when I'm with Tuxedo Mask, He makes me laugh, he makes me smile, when I'm with Tuxedo Mask
Rain or Shine, I'm happiest, when I'm with Tuxedo Mask, He makes me smile, he makes me laugh, when I'm with Tuxedo Mask
I love you, you love me, let's go out and hurt Serena...
I love you - Faith Evans
I want to hold your hand - Beatles

Question 5:Sailor Moon - What's the episode called - Serena and Darien find out about eachothers "other lives"
Moon Star is Born
Mask Unrevealed
The Moon and the Mask
Hidden Secrets
Secret Identities

Question 6:Kite - Who's parents were killed when they were young?

Question 7:Magic Knights Rayearth - Name the Magic Knights.
Hikari, Fumi, Una
Kai, Lana, Gwen
Akina, Lua, Niko
Hikaru, Fuu, Umi
Kana, Laura, Hamtaro

Question 8:Magic Knights Rayearth - What's the creatures name who hangs out with Hikaru?

Question 9:Angel Sanctuary - What does Setsuna say when he sees Sara standing on the bridge while he's laying on his back in the alleyway?
I love you...
Sara? Why are you here?
I want to do the nasty... back...
Sister! Come help me!

Question 10:Sailor Moon - Who does Luna fall in love with briefly in the Sailor Moon movies? (think Movie S)
Professor Kaguya
Professor Tomoe
Professor Himeko
Professor Kanna
Professor Kakeru

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