How Much Anime Do YOU Know?

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This is a fun little quiz that I made. Hope you score well! If not, you shall answer to one known as FLYING SHADOW.

  • 1
    What is Hiei's deadliest move that was introduced in the Dark Tournament Saga?
  • 2
    What is Kurama referred to by his fans?
  • 3
    Why does Hiei hate using his Sword of Darkness Flame?

  • 4
    What is Kurama's biggest fear above all others?
  • 5
    In the movie called "Samurai X", what was the name of the Battosai before he became a killer?
  • 6
    In Rurouni Kenshin the animated T.V. show, how did Kenshin meet Kaoru?

  • 7
    Inuyasha is what kind of demon?
  • 8
    At what point does Inuyasha transform into a full dog demon and when does her transform into a full human?
  • 9
    In the whole YuGiOh series, what is Yami and Yugi's favorite card?
  • 10
    What out of the lists of cards below, what would you say about Pegasus' favorite card?

  • 11
    What is Joey Wheeler's favorite combo first introduced in Duelist Kingdom?
  • 12
    In the first episode of Yu Yu Hakusho, what happened to a young boy named Yusuke Yurameshi and how did everyone react?
  • 13
    How did Hiei react when he found out about Yukina being held prisoner?
  • 14
    When Hiei was looking for his "tear gem" who did he attack thinking that they had it?
  • 15
    In Samurai X, what tragic even happened that made Kenshin (Or once called Shinta) swear off killing forever?
  • 16
    When Kurama was known as Youko, and he was injured severely, how did he survive?

  • 17
    In the movie Spirited Away, what was the name of the girl who had been trapped in Spirit World?
  • 18
    What was a mistake that this young girl made?
  • 19
    Who is Kurama compared to? (Hint: The other comparison is a hot-head and an idiot, no at all like Kurama)
  • 20
    What is the greatest show of these? (Hint: IT'S MY FAVORITE SHOW! so choose carefully!)

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