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Do you know as much as anime and manga as me? I don't know, that's going to be pretty hard to prove, I'm a pretty hard core otaku! So, go ahead, TRY and prove me wrong. It'll be entertaining!

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    Hmmmm... Let's give you an easy one to start off with.
    What Zodiac animal is Kyo Sohma?
  • 2
    If we were watching episode 132 of Inuyasha, what ending theme would we hear?
  • 3
    "Palm tree in a mini-skirt" which homunculous does this best describe?

  • 4
    Which samurai of the seven most likely is going to have a relationship with the priestess, Kirara?
  • 5
    Who turns Sophie into an old lady?
  • 6
    In the manga Forbidden Dance, who hurts their foot and gets a major case of stage fright every time they go to perform?

  • 7
    What does the title 'Imadoki!' mean?
  • 8
    What is Kamiya Seizaburo's real name?
  • 9
    In 'Imadoki,' what character is pregnant?
  • 10
    Kain and Mary Weather are from what Shojo Beat manga?

  • 11
    Who writes Kaze Hikaru?
  • 12
    (In the American Version) Who sings the new Fullmetal Alchemist theme song "Rewrite?"
  • 13
    What is Akito supposed to represent in the zodiac curse?
  • 14
    What is Kanime's alter power?
  • 15
    Fill in the blank: ___ Asakrua

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