Avatar: The Test

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Do you know your Avatar? Take this quiz to see if you, as Toph puts it, "have the stuff".

  • 1
    Whose name does Aang adopt whilst he is in the Fire Nation?
  • 2
    Who does Zuko date while living in Ba Sing Se?
  • 3
    Who is the Puppetmaster?

  • 4
    Which avatar tried to kill the Face Stealer?
  • 5
    Which former ally of Azula joins the Kyoshi Warriors?
  • 6
    Who was originally supposed to become Fire Lord instead of Ozai?

  • 7
    Which of these people were not part of the Order of the White Lotus?
  • 8
    Who was Aang’s guardian?
  • 9
    Where will the next avatar be born?
  • 10
    What name does Pakku reject when he tells Katara and Sokka that he is their new grandfather?

  • 11
    What is the name of the spirit of the huge library in the desert?
  • 12
    When Sokka claims to Katara that he’s kissed a girl, to whom is he referring?
  • 13
    What avatar character shares a voice with a notorious Superman villain?
  • 14
    What avatar character shares a voice with a notorious Batman villain?
  • 15
    In Aang’s second nightmare about facing the Firelord, what is the problem?
  • 16
    How does Zhao die?

  • 17
    Who threatens Zhao when the moon spirit is in danger?
  • 18
    What element does Aang find difficult?
  • 19
    Which of these people uses their looks to get attention?
  • 20
    What were the original air benders?

  • 21
    Which avatar told Aang that he must be decisive?
  • 22
    Who finally defeats Azula?
  • 23
    Who kills the fire lord?
  • 24
    Katara shares her voice with what character from both the Kingdom Hearts series and the Final Fantasy series?
  • 25
    Who is directing the movie The Last Airbender?

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514 days ago
Yes i got 25/25 on the first try this is awesome
694 days ago
23/25! How is that possible?!?!
734 days ago
i watched from the age of six and stopped at nine now im eleven so i for got most of it 12/25
772 days ago
18/25 i dunno i haven’t watched avatar for a long time
840 days ago
1350 days ago
I don’t know how old this is. But one of the answers is outdated :/
Good quiz though :)