What kind of a Kai fan are you?
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What kind of a Kai fan are you?

This test will tell you which way you fancy Kai from TV series Beyblade or do you like him at all.

Question 1:   Kai acts the coolest when...
He strikes a sexy pose
He is giving advices to others
Kai doesn't act cool
He is in a beybattle kicking someone's ass

Question 2:   Which quality do you admire most in Kai?
There's nothing admirable in Kai
Good looks

Question 3:   In which team of the following should Kai be in?
The Blade Sharks
I don't care
The Demolition Boys
The Blade Breakers

Question 4:   What would you like to hear Kai saying?
Anything, as long as I can hear his sexy voice
Something smart
"Get lost Tyson, or else..."
"I am Kai and I'm very stupid!"

Question 5:   Word association: KAI -

Question 6:   How should Kai spend his time?
Walking the dark alleys and showing of to people.
He needs to be more with his teammates.
Practicing beyblading sharing knowledge with Kenny.
Figuring out how to make himself less stupid!

Question 7:   If you would meet Kai, what would you do?
Kick his butt. Serves him right!
Talk with him about his skills and knowledge of beyblading.
Ask him out for a date.
Ask if you could join the Blade Breakers.

Question 8:   Which part of his personality is most appealing?
The kick-ass part
The caring part
His whole personality is SO annoying!
The know-it-all part

Question 9:   How do you feel about Kai?
I respect him.
I admire him.
I'm so totally crazy about him.

Question 10:   If Kai had a theme song, what would it be?
Atomic Kitten's Eternal flame
Kai is to grown-up to have a theme song.
Beyblade's opening theme
Something stupid, no doubt.

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