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Life can be SO boring at times. The same old drill of getting up every morning, brushing our teeth (at least we HOPE you do!) and going to school or work, seeing all the same people, etc., etc. *Yawns* It's enough to leave a person chomping at the bit for a game-changer - to have the old routine shaken up a little (in a good way, of course).
Ichigo Kurosaki probably thought he was much more likely to have a substitute teacher than to become a substitute Soul Reaper the day Rukia Kuchiki lost her battle and sought his help. The 15-year-old was understandably caught off guard and scared...but in time, Ichigo's uncertainty became strength. And being a Soul Reaper ultimately shaped him into someone powerful, honorable and admirable.
So is there a moral here? Yep - never say no to challenges that can make you more awesome. Speaking of which, we challenge you to take on our Bleach quizzes right here! It speaks highly of you that you like this complex, intriguing manga. Show us how much right now - and add your own Bleach quiz if you're invited!

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