Do You Know Digimon Frontier?
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Do You Know Digimon Frontier?

Do you REALLY wake up at 5:30 in the morning and seriously watch D-4, or do you just get up because you forget to reset your alarm to 7:00? The real question: ARE YOU A DIGIMON OTAKU? Test your Digi-Smarts, ChosenChildren. Good luck.

Question 1:Who told Kouichi that Koji was his twin brother, whom he was destined to find?
His father.
His mother.
He already knew.
His dying grandmother.
He has no brother.

Question 2:In which episode does Koji accuse Takuya of botulism?
Kazemon Kicks It
You Want Fries With That?
Better an Egg Then an Eggshell
Home Again; Takuya Returns
Koji never says that.

Question 3:Which Chosen Child keeps the same name in both Japan and America?
Takuya Kanbara
Koji Minamoto
Zoe Orimoto
Tommy Himi
J.P. Shibiyama

Question 4:What are Kouchi's Beast and Human Spirits?
Cherubimon and Duskmon
Duskmon and Velgemon
Velgemon and KendoGarurumon
He only has a Beast.
He only has a Human.

Question 5:How many Elemental Spirits are there?

Question 6:Which to Chosen Children can combine both Human and Beast Spirits to make a new Hybrid?
Takuya and Tommy
Koji and Zoe
Koji and Takuya
J.P. and Tommy
That is impossible.

Question 7:In episode 6 "A Molehill Out of a Mountain" who offers to let Zoe go up the ladder first, only to find she was highly offended because she was wearing a SKIRT?
No one offered.

Question 8:Which character is the youngest in age and which is the oldest?
Tommy(oldest) Koji(youngest)
Tommy(youngest) J.P.(oldest)
Koji(oldest) Takuya(youngest)
No one knows.
They are all the same age.

Question 9:Who is the ultimate enemy of D-4?
They have many ultimate enemies.
They have no ultimate enemy.

Question 10:Who is the cutest?
Matter of opinion.

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