What Android from DBZ are you?
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What Android from DBZ are you?

Have you ever wondered what android from DBZ you are most like? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1:Do you have any siblings?
Yes. A twin sister.
Yes. A twin brother.

Question 2:What are some of your hobbies?
Shopping, Fighting, Kicking Vegeeta's butt.
Being absorbed by Cell.
Destroying everything I see.

Question 3:What things do you like?
Money, Clothes.
Getting vengance over cell.
I like to live my own life and not be controlled.

Question 4:What color is your hair?

Question 5:What is your luckiest number out of these?

Question 6:Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife?
Nope. But I am very muscular so I should get one soon.
Yeah. A short stubby bald guy.
No. Just a twin sister.

Question 7:What kind of clothes are you most likely to wear?
A denim vest, denim mini-skirt, and a shirt with black stripes on the sleeves.
Some weird green and black outfit.
Jeans, a black shirt, and a red bandana around my neck.

Question 8:In a group, what is your personality?
I'm the only girl.
I am the strongest.
I claim I'm the strongest.

Question 9:What are you like?
I'm a cold-hearted lean-mean killing machine.
Very muscular.
I rarely smile.

Question 10:What is your gender?
Male. And once again, very muscular.
Female, but I'm kinda a tomboy.
Male, but I look like a girl.

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