DBZ Know it All Quiz
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DBZ Know it All Quiz

Think you know everything about DBZ? Well, let's find out! Test your knowledge of the best action cartoon in the world! Begin!

Question 1:What is required for a Saiyan to transform into an Oozaru?
Large teeth
Alot of anger
A tail
A scouter

Question 2:What vision does Bardock have right before Freeza kills him?
That his son will become a good person
He didn't have a vision
That his son will defeat Freeza
Who's Bardock?

Question 3:What attack on Namek made Freeza split in half?
Special Beam Cannon
His own Destructo Disk
Rapid Fire

Question 4:What caused Goku to transform into a Super Saiyan?
He just got angry
Because he was the last full blooded Saiyan
He just went Super Saiyan!
The death of his two close friends

Question 5:What was Cell's true goal?
To kill Goku
To destroy the Earth
To prove he's the strongest
To get alot of money and fans like Hercule!

Question 6:What caused Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 transformation?
He had nothing else to do
He felt bad because he never helped his friends
Cell was making fun of his family
Android 16's death

Question 7:In Movie 7, how does Super Android 13 die?
Goku punches a hole in his chest
Vegeta uses a Final Flash right into his brain
He doesn't die
Goku absorbs his own Spirit Bomb and melts him

Question 8:Why does Brolly hate Goku so much?
Because Goku used to cry all the time when they were babies
Because Goku became a Super Saiyan
Because Paragus told him to hate Goku
Brolly and Goku are friends!!!

Question 9:Where does Trunks get his awesome sword from?
Gohan from the future
He bought it from the local Wallgreens

Question 10:What does East Kai make Goku do to prove he can fight in the Other World Tournament?
Fight her one on one
Defeat all of her students
Lift ten ton weights
Race her

Question 11:Grand Kai is obsessed with what?
Big arenas full of cheering people!

Question 12:Who really kills Freeza?
His father, King Cold

Question 13:What race is Bebi?
Some random alien dude
Tsufurin (Tuffle)

Question 14:How does Goku make Uub mad at the end of Dragonball Z?
By kicking him hard in the ribs
By making funny faces at him
He blows the arena up
By making fun of his family

Question 15:Who ordered Super 17 to kill Dr. Gero?
Dr. Myuu
Dr. Wheelo
Emperor Pilaf

Question 16:How does Paragus control Brolly?
Mind control
He yells at him
The necklace on his neck
Brolly does his own thing

Question 17:What happened to the moon in Dragonball Z?
It's still there
Goku's Kamehameha missed and hit it
Vegeta decided it should be gone
Piccolo blew it up

Question 18:What is the name of the villain in Movie 12?
Super 17

Question 19:How does Vegata turn Super Saiyan 4?
He sees Trunks almost die and goes berserk
Bulma invents a ray that transforms him
He witnesses the death of his family
He just goes BOOM

Question 20:Who is the strongest enemy the Z Fighters have ever fought?
Ii Shenron
Kid Buu
Super 17

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