How well do you know Dragonball Z?
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How well do you know Dragonball Z?

Hi. My name is Shon and I'm going to test your knowledge on the anime series Dragonball Z. Lets begin!

Question 1:   In the Frieza Saga, what made Goku turn into a Super Saiyan?
Frieza Kills Piccolo
Frieza survives the Spirit Bomb attack
Frieza calls him a monkey
Frieza Kills Krillin

Question 2:   Where does Garlic Jr. get his power to transform?
His hatred to everyone
His thirst for power
His invincibility
Mayeko Star

Question 3:   In the movie The World's Strongest, what is Dr. Kochin?

Question 4:   In the movie The Tree of Might, what do Krillin and Gohan wish for? (It's the only wish in the entire movie)
For the Tree of Might to not plant roots
For Goku to become a Super Saiyan
For the forest that caught on fire to be restored
For Bulma so she could get a new hair style

Question 5:   In the movie Super Android 13, how does 13 obtain his new form?
He powers up
Gero's computer transforms him
He absorbs the Z-Fighters blasts and becomes stronger
Chips from the other destroyed androids are placed in him

Question 6:   How does Cell fit into Trunk's Time Machine?
He rips the top off the time machine
He goes back into his larva state
He adds more to the compartment
He gets Bulma to build a bigger one for him

Question 7:   Why does Brolly get really angry at Goku?
Goku stole Brolly's toys when they were little
Goku is known as the Legendary Super Saiyan instead of Brolly
Brolly's dad told him to hate Goku
When Brolly was a baby, he was put beside Goku in the ward and Goku wouldn't stop crying.

Question 8:   In the Movie Deadzone, how does Gohan blast Garlic Jr. into his own portal?
He becomes a Super Saiyan
He transforms into his Oozaru form
Frieza helps him blast Garlic Jr
He sees his dad get hurt and gets really mad.

Question 9:   Does Goku kill Cell?
Only to within an inch of his life
He lets Cell go

Question 10:   During the World Martial Arts Tournament, who kills half of the people in the stadium?

Question 11:   How does Buu create a hole in another dimension so he can escape from the Time Chamber?
He curses
He cries and whines
He punches in mid air
He screams really loudly and generates a lot of power

Question 12:   Why does Goku hold back in his fight against Majin Vegeta?
He wants to save his energy for Buu
He wasn't. He gave it his all
He wanted to show Vegeta that he means peace
He didn't want Vegeta to lose

Question 13:   Why does Krillin want hair?
18 wouldn't do anything with him unless he had hair
He wanted to change the way he looked
He was tired of the Z-Fighters making fun of him
His daughter picked on him

Question 14:   What Super Saiyan Level did Goten ever reach in Dragonball Z?

Question 15:   At the end of Dragonball Z at the World Martial Arts Tournament, where does Goku say he is going to go?
To go eat
To Master Roshi's
To King Kai's planet
To Uub's village to train him

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