Awesome DBZ test
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Awesome DBZ test

Good Luck!

Question 1:   Who created dragonball z?
Marv Albertson
Sakira Komama
Akira Toriama

Question 2:   When Android 18 and Vegeta are fighting, what bone of Vegeta's does 18 break?
His Leg
His Neck
His Arm

Question 3:   What occupation does Yamcha have at the beginning of dbz?
An athlete
A taxi driver
He doesn't work at the beginning

Question 4:   (This one is from dragonball) What does it say on the back of General Tao's shirt?
Beat You!
Kill You!
it doesn't say anything

Question 5:   (Another one from dragonball)What does Goku think Bulma is when he first sees her?
A demon
A witch
An alien

Question 6:   How old is Pan at the end of dragonball z?
7 years old
5 years old
4 years old

Question 7:   Who is Goten's opponent in the final round of the kids world martial arts tournament?
He wasn't in the final round

Question 8:   Who is the earthling who fights Pikon in the other world tournament?
He didn't fight a human

Question 9:   Who really created Buu?

Question 10:   What is Buu's original state?
Fat Buu
Evil Buu
Kid Buu

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