Are You A TRUE DBZ Fan!

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So many people claim to know Dragonball Z inside and out; but how well do you REALLY know the show? Test your knowledge and put your skills to the test. Are you a TRUE DBZ fan!

  • 1
    Before Goku, who was the only DBZ character to make it down Snake Way?
  • 2
    When Cell was defeated, the Z Warriors gathered the Dragonballs at Kami's lookout to make three wishes. What was their FINAL wish?
  • 3
    During the FRIEZA SAGA, how many forms does Frieza have?

  • 4
    Who taught Goku the Spirit Bomb technique?
  • 5
    When Goku and Vegeta fuse using Potara earrings, who do they become?
  • 6
    Excluding the films, how many androids appear during the course of Dragonball Z?

  • 7
    Who cut off Vegeta's tail during the Saiyan Saga?
  • 8
    Why wasn't Launch a part of the Dragonball Z series when she was a prominent character during Dragonball?
  • 9
    Why was Dendae never devoured by Majin Buu during the feeding frenzy on Kami's lookout?
  • 10
    Who gave Gohan his little red hat?

  • 11
    Who was not trained by Master Roshi?
  • 12
    How many forms does Majin Buu have during the Buu Saga, not including his absorption of the Z warriors?
  • 13
    Who is the only person who thought Gohan's Great Saiyaman costume was cool?
  • 14
    What happens to the Dragonballs after a wish has been made?
  • 15
    Who was the youngest character to become a Super Saiyan?
  • 16
    Which technique of the Z Warriors is NOT used by Cell?

  • 17
    When using the Fusion technique, how long can two people stay fused together?
  • 18
    Aside from Goku, who else has the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan 3?
  • 19
    Who is not alive during the start of "History of Trunks?"
  • 20
    Where did Goku learn his Instant Transmission technique?

  • 21
    Who is responsible for killing Babidi during the Buu Saga?
  • 22
    How was the Elder Kai freed from the Z sword?
  • 23
    When is the last time viewers see Android #17 during the course of Dragonball Z?
  • 24
    Which major villain was not defeated by Goku during the course of Dragonball Z?
  • 25
    If one minute has passed outside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, how much time has passed inside the chamber?

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24 days ago
I got 23/25 pretty good but some of the questions were really off.It didn't consider friezas 100perscent final form a form.The first super Saiyan was yamoshi not goku.And it didn't include on the android list android 8and cell.Also vegeta was technically never defeated by goku in the one on one battle
1079 days ago
Very good I feel as if some of the question were a bit off tho and question 23 gave away question 2
1134 days ago
For Q.22 I it showed the correct answer was swapped with gohan broke the blade when he dropped it but when checking the results it got swapped.
1134 days ago
To "The" he wasn't including cell. Cell is a bio-android. The 5 androids were 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.
1288 days ago
I swear, I watched most of DB(Sub) read half the manga. Watched DBZ till past the cell ark(sub) then watched all of DBS(sub) until right before the tournament ended.

I purposely forgot Yamcha, mostly ignored Krillin, was to hyped to see Goku come back to life and tuned out part of when he travelled snake way to get the info on the other person.

I tuned out many things I didn't care about, I didn't care about #17 so purposefully forgot him.

Insignificant villains(in my eyes) I forgot.

The results tell me to watch it all over again, 'scuse me?

Other questions I wouldn't have gotten wrong, but this quiz contains most things I ignored on purpose.

SSJ kaiken×10 = take this spirit bomb.
1428 days ago
I’m a major fan, but I missed most of the big fights b/c I started watching dbz kai around the start of the buu arc. I thought I had seen enough from YouTube and everything, but I never knew how long and spectacular some of the fights before majin buu were! I’m rewatching dbz kai now hoping to see goku vs frieza, piccolo vs Android 17, Android 18 vs vegeta, goku vs cell, gohan vs cell (full) and whatever other awesome battles I missed. I’m not to concerned about goku vs vegeta or goku and piccolo vs raditz b/c there’s no going super saiyan, but still.
1464 days ago
Starting of history of trunks it was Goku who wasn't alive krillin died after Androids appeared and Goku didn't fight with Androids

Note : Androids are Artificial Humans
This was an error during Early Funimation Dub
1524 days ago
Goku has never beaten Vegeta and Vegeta has never beaten Goku . Their first fight was a stalemate , Their second was called off . They gavnt fought seriously since the Buu arc .
1878 days ago
#6 androids 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, not including future ones or created organisms you should of specified it
#16 raditz isn't a z fighter
2047 days ago
There or five androids Dr Gero 19,16,18,17 cell is not a androids
2404 days ago
To "DBZ Fan" Yes he does. 17 holds a shotgun to 2 people and says "Hey, you beat me to it." Then raises his hand as well.
2548 days ago
Android 17 didn't give energy to goku's sprit bomb you dumb🍦
2559 days ago
Cell is not an android, he is purely organic, so there are only 5 androids: fat one, Dr Gero, #17, #18 and #16.
2578 days ago
The total number of androids was 6, not 5. I assume you forgot Cell was an android....16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and Cell
2592 days ago
I dont understand, "Double Sunday" is Raditz's move. Raditz is NOT a Z fighter, as the question implies he is. This needs to be re-evaluated.
2607 days ago
Guys, it's just a quiz. No need to lose your mind cause this person may have given a few wrong answers. The quiz is mostly right. Just move on to the next one. No need to be rude 😑
2624 days ago
Gohan was killed by the androids during future trunks' timeline
Perfect Cell used destructo disk on super saipan 2 gohan
The Boulder didn't break the sword, a cube of metal that was thrown at the sword as a test of its strength broke it
2625 days ago
Jesse Gallegos android 17 did indeed give energy to goku for a spirit bomb at the end against kid buu, he pointed a gun at two humans and they raised their hands and he said you beat me to it and then raised his hands. So you are wrong there the quiz is right.
2630 days ago
this quiz is made wrong you clearly know nothing of dbz
2635 days ago
Androind 17 did not give energy I got 100% but not according to you...