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    Who was the second master of Fairy Tail?

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1600 days ago
Question eleven said Luvia Lackser for me so I jokingly said that I know it’s juvia but they need to fix this
I know it’s Lucy
2255 days ago
The question "who was chosen to take part in the S class trials" was a really good question because it made be think. The answer was obviously Lucy, since she was a partner not an actual contestant, but when I thought over it, she was the only partner who wasn't actually chosen - she asked Cana to be her partner! Oh wait never mind, Lisanna and Evergreen did that too. But still, she was not chosen in any sense of the word!
2255 days ago
I thought Precht was the second master. I mean, I chose Hades but still. I'm just really glad the "right" answer is "unknown" and not "400". I hate when people think he's 400! I mean, maybe? He couldn't pass through Freed's runes during the battle of Fairy Tail, and though he originally was born 400 years ago, he was sent through that gate (I forget the title) so he didn't really experience those four hundred years did he?
2343 days ago
Question 17 asks, "Who was NOT chosen to participate in the s-class exam?" but all characters listed took part in the exam.
2446 days ago
Three wizards beat Laxus. Natsu and Gajeel during Battle of Fairy Tail, and Precht during Tenrou island.
2516 days ago
Natsu is 400 years old when he was resurrected in form of END after that all the dragon slayers were transported through the ecilpse by zeref with the help of lyla heartfelia
2543 days ago
The number of Lucy's keys are inaccurate because she had 10 gold zodiac keys but also had 5 silver keys.