How well do you know Fairy Tail?

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Let's see how well you know Fairy Tail

  • 1
    Aye __________.
  • 2
    How many zodiac keys are there?
  • 3
    Who is the only person with a natural hair color?

  • 4
    Who is Sting's cat/exceed?
  • 5
    Who is the dragon that raised Gajeel?
  • 6
    How many anime episodes and movies are there for Fairy Tail?

  • 7
    What is Hiro Mashima's "favorite" number?
  • 8
    How many years did most of Fairy Tail get stuck on ten row island?
  • 9
    What song is not an opening for Fairy Tail?
  • 10
    Now this is all guessing who are my two favorite people (husbands) in Fairy Tail?

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215 days ago
Well played. 13 zodiac keys before Aquarius's key was broken, so it ended up being 12. Very clever. But 'your favorite characters'? How are we supposed to know that? No fair!
307 days ago
DUDE! When I got all 12 answers right it said 'I finally found my people!' But not really, cuz you don't even know there is a 13th Zodiac key! It said the correct answer was 12 though.... I only got it right bcuz i retook it and changed my answer. Even if i did that it doesn't change the fact that there are 13!!! THIRTEEN DO YOU HEAR? I KNOW TRUST ME I WATCHED THE SHOW 3 TIMES, ALREADY DOING IT FOR THE 4TH TIME SO NOOOOOO
365 days ago
Technically there is actually thirteen keys bc of the snake charmer
531 days ago
There are 13 zodiac keys because of the snake one
664 days ago
@why should I tell you my name . He said who’s Nastu. At one point the the person wrote Nastu instead of Natsu.
849 days ago
Isn't Ophiucus also part of the zodiac keys? It is mentioned by Lucy that it is the 13th key. It also appears to be a gold key with a black thing that circles it.
875 days ago
@Potato HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW NATSU!? HE'S ONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS! HE'S THE FIRST PERSON YOU SEE IN THE ENTIRE ANIME! HOW!? Now that my little rant's over, please answer the question. :)
909 days ago
909 days ago
I got 10 out of 10 my fav character is Juvia I wanna find out more about her love for gray
918 days ago
There is actually 12 keys; Orphuicus is a blackish bronze key.
1031 days ago
Who the fu*k ship's natsu and sting :0
And i thought nali was bad but whoa 😂
( ship nalu!!)
But it was really awesome thanks
I got 9/10 😊
1069 days ago
Hey btw I like to know who is Nastu and there actually are 13 zodiac keys baka xdd
1115 days ago
There are 13 zodiac keys, and anyone who says otherwise should re watch the grand magic games.
1123 days ago
Did you see the Grand Magic Games? Obviously not. There is a 13th Gold key. You should pay more attention if you want to do something like this, or at least do your research before making a quiz and putting the wrong answer.
1192 days ago
There are 13 keys if you actually noticed!!!!!!
1270 days ago
On question number two it asked how many zodiac keys there are but during the grand magic games we were introduced to the 13th zodiac key
1276 days ago
There are thirteen Zodiac Keys, it tell us this in both the anime and the manga
1314 days ago
There are actually 12 zodiac keys. Ophuichus is a black/bronze key do is not one of the zodiac since they have golden keys.
1339 days ago
There are 13 zodiac keys
1352 days ago
There are actually 13 zodiac key.
1. Aquarius
2. Cancer
3. Taurus
4. Capricorn
5. Aries
6. Pisces
7. Gemini
8. Virgo
9. Leo
10. Libra
11. Scorpio
12. Sagittarius
13. Ophiuchus