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  • 1
    How many dragon slayers are there in Fairytail Anime?
  • 2
    Who are Lucy's Dad?
  • 3
    What happens to Dragon scales when they are removed?

  • 4
    Which one of Lucy's spirit calls her Baby?
  • 5
    Who does Touka love in Fairytail?
  • 6
    When Natsu was in his heart. He was given to make a choice. So what was his choice?

  • 7
    Why did Zeref create Demons?
  • 8
    Who is the mother of all the Dragon Slayers?
  • 9
    Who opened the Eclipse gate at the other side?
  • 10
    Which is the most popular ship in Fairytail?

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1346 days ago
there are actually 10 dragon slayers in the anime, natsu, wendy, gajeel, sting, rogue, irene, god serena and acnologia