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This quiz will stump even the biggest Family Guy fans...maybe

  • 1
    In the episode, "Chitty Chitty Death Bag", what did Stewie wear to his birthday party?
  • 2
    Who are Peter's 3 best human friends?
  • 3
    In the episode, "I Never Met the Dead Man", what famous actor did Meg hit with her car?

  • 4
    What is the name of the cripple?
  • 5
    What is the Griffin family watching in the very first scene of the first season?
  • 6
    What is the title of the episode where the world blows up?

  • 7
    What lives in Chris' closet?
  • 8
    Who is the voice of Chris?
  • 9
    Why do the Griffins go to the south?
  • 10
    Who dies in the episode "Mr. Saturday Knight"?

  • 11
    What is Peter's favourite baseball team?
  • 12
    Where does Peter go when skipping work just to bump into his boss?
  • 13
    In the Family Guy movie, where do Brian and Stewie go to find Stewie's "father"?
  • 14
    Why does Peter run against Lois for the schoolboard president position?
  • 15
    Where do Brian and Stewie go after getting on the wrong flight that the THOUGHT was going to England?
  • 16
    When Peter goes to Meg's school pretending that he's a teenager, what does he say his name is?

  • 17
    What does Brian end up doing when he goes to California?
  • 18
    What is Brian addicted to in one of the episodes? (the name of the episode gives away the answer)
  • 19
    Where do the Griffins live?
  • 20
    What famous actor does Peter mistake Big Fat Paulie for?

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