So, you think you're obsessed with Inuyasha?
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So, you think you're obsessed with Inuyasha?

So, you think you're obsessed with Inuyasha huh? Well, fine, take this quiz and prove to yourself how crazy about the show you really are....

Question 1:Okay, the really easy one, what word does Kagome use to activate Inuyasha's rosary?
"Roll over!"
"Play dead!"

Question 2:Why did Kagome go into the well house in the first place?
To clean it
To find her math homework
To say a prayer
To pack away one of her grandfather's Noh masks
To retrieve Buyo because Souta was too scared to go in there

Question 3:When did Miroku first see Kagome?
On top of a hill
In school
While she was bathing in a hot spring
On a television set while she was performing a play
While sharpening his sword

Question 4:What subject does Kagome dread the most?

Question 5:What is Sango's profession, and who taught her?
Demon Exterminator; her father
Master Chef; her aunt
Priestess; her mother
Farmer; her father
Messenger; her older brother

Question 6:What was the name of the person who created the Shikon Jewel (Shikon no Toma, whichever you prefer)?
Inuyasha's mother
Kagome's great-great=great=great=great=great grandmother
A goddess

Question 7:Who is the homosexual member of the Shichinintai?

Question 8:Where did Inuyasha's father hide the Tetsusaiga?
Underground, duh, where else?
At the base of the God Tree
In Inuyasha's left eye
In the dungeons of the castle he owned before he died
In Ryuukossei's stomach

Question 9:And just who was Ryuukossei?
The monk who taught Miroku to be the way he is today
Inuyasha's half brother
The demon who pulled Kagome through the well in the first place
A dragon that Inuyasha's father couldn't beat, and that Inuyasha beat with the Tetsusaiga
The leader of the demon wolf tribe

Question 10:At what time does Inuyasha turn human?
Afternoon of the first day of every month
His birthday
Night of the new moon
When he is badly injured
He can turn into human at will, stupid!

Question 11:Who killed Shippou's parents?
Yura Of The Demon Hair
The Thunder Brothers
Inuyasha in his demon form

Question 12:Who broke the Shikon Jewel(Shikon no Toma) and how?
Kagome, using an arrow
Inuyasha, using his claws
Sango, using her Boomerang
Miroku, using his staff
Shippou, using one of his toy illusions

Question 13:Alright, here's an easy one, who is Kaede's sister?

Question 14:Who proclaims his undying love to Kagome on an almost daily basis?
Houjo, the simple minded boy from school
Inuyasha, the stubborn half-dog demon
Miroku, the perverted monk
Kouga, the leader of the demon wolf pack
Bankotsu, the Shichinintai's leader

Question 15:Alright, and last but not least, just who created Inuyasha?
Yutakan Nanten
Rumiko Takahashi
Fushigi Yuugi
Yasuhiro Nightow

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