Inuyasha Quiz
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Inuyasha Quiz

Just how much attention do you pay to the details of Inuyasha? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1:What is the Japanese term for the era which Inuyasha is from?
Sengoku Jidai
Meiji Jikan
Kenka Jikan
Warui Shinju
Mazushii Na

Question 2:When did Inuyasha acknowledge that Kagome actually has a name?
After he defeated Yura
When he went to her time to bring her back to the feudal era
When he protected her from Sesshoumaru
When he first met her
After she shattered the Shikon Jewel

Question 3:Why did Shippou come after Inuyasha and Kagome?
He thought they would protect them from the Thunder Brothers
He wanted the Shikon shards to defeat the Thunder Brothers
He was hungry
He accidentally bumped into them
He was lonely

Question 4:What is the name of Sango's boomerang?

Question 5:Does Miroku have spiritual powers?
Yes, but they aren't his preferred way of fighting
No, his ofuda are fake
Yes, but he never uses them
No, he doesn't believe in spiritual powers
No one knows

Question 6:What is Kagome's favorite food?
Miso soup

Question 7:What is Shippou's trademark attack?
Wailing mushrooms
Fox fire
Pink balloon
Yelling as a distraction
He never fights

Question 8:What is Kaede in relation to Kikyou?
Younger sister
Older sister
Adoptive sister
Half sister

Question 9:What is the main reason Sesshoumaru dislikes Inuyasha?
Inuyasha has the Tenseiga
Inuyasha is friends with humans
Inuyasha is a half demon
Their father liked Inuyasha more
Inuyasha has the Tetsusaiga

Question 10:Who is Toutousai?
The swordsmith who forged only the Tetsusaiga
the swordsmith who forged both the Tenseiga and the Tokijin
The swordsmith who forged both the Tetsusaiga and the Tenseiga
Inuyasha's grandfather
The one who gave Tetsusaiga to Inuyasha

Question 11:When can't Inuyasha wield the Tetsusaiga?
The full moon
The last day of every month
At night
The new moon
Before Toutousai fixes it

Question 12:In what order do Inuyasha and Kagome meet these people?
Miroku, Shippou, Sango
Sango, Shippou, Miroku
Shippou, Sango, Miroku
Sango, Miroku, Shippou
Shippou, Miroku, Sango

Question 13:On what day was Kagome pulled into feudal Japan?
On Souta's birthday
The day Souta got his cat
On the first day of school
On her birthday
On Halloween

Question 14:What is the name of Souta's cat?

Question 15:Who wrote Inuyasha?
Akira Toriyama
Rumiko Takahashi
Yoko Kanno
Hajime Yatate
Fujishima Kosuke

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