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Do you think you have what it takes to call yourself a Comic Master? Take this test and find out.

  • 1
    All of the following were members of the Original Five X-Men except for..
  • 2
    This Super Villain is known for being the only one to "Break the Batman."
  • 3
    Captain America has fought many villains over his history. Which Nazi Leader is seen as his biggest foe?

  • 4
    Besides Cain Marko, who else has served as the Juggernaut?
  • 5
    Who is the character shown below?
    Who is the character shown below?
  • 6
    This villain is a reoccurring enemy of The Flash, who uses reflections and deception to fool his opponent.

  • 7
    This Kryptonian was a leading scientist on his Home World and is the biological father of Superman. What is his name?
  • 8
    This Mutant was the Founder of The Original Acolytes, who pledged allegiance to Magneto and his cause.
  • 9
    This ear-shattering character made his first appearance in The Fantastic Four #45 and is the leader of the Inhumans.
  • 10
    This Super Villain tends to make use of the powerful Infinity Gauntlet.

  • 11
    This incredible Super Villain was known for being the only villain in the original timeline to kill Superman.
  • 12
    Who is supposedly the man who shot and killed Thomas and Martha Wayne?
  • 13
    Star Lord was a human member of The Guardians of the Galaxy. What is his real name?
  • 14
    Notoriously known for his crazy and unpredictable personality, The Joker used a gun to paralyze this sidekick to Batman.
  • 15
    Which Green Lantern member came from the planet Bolovax Vik?
  • 16
    This character is brother to Scott Summers and goes by the name Havok. What is his real name?

  • 17
    Who did Wonder Woman kill in "Sacrifice."
  • 18
    X-men member Colossus lost his memory after traveling through the Siege Perilous and ended up in New York. What was the new name he gave himself?
  • 19
    Which of the following characters was not a founding member of the Avengers?
  • 20
    This is the first Villain Spiderman ever faced.

  • 21
    A fellow Kryptonian, General Zod survived the destruction of Krypton because he was trapped where?
  • 22
    This ancient Egyptian Monarch was the previous wielder of Shazam's powers, defending his homeland of Kahndaq until he was corrupted. What is his name?
  • 23
    This Martial Artist and enemy of Batman is known as the best mercenary in the world. Who is he?
  • 24
    All of the following were members of Excalibur except for who?
  • 25
    Which of these acronyms is different from the others?
  • 26
    This Russian Serial Killer was captured by the KGB, who attempted to turn him into a Super Soldier, much like Captain America.

  • 27
    What material is Captain America's shield made out of?
  • 28
    Whose weakness is Blue Kryptonite?
  • 29
    Kevin MacTaggert was the son of Moira and Jack MacTaggert. What mutant name did he go by?
  • 30
    Basil Karlo is a Batman enemy, better known as...

  • 31
    Ra's al Ghul gains his immortality by using the restorative powers of what?
  • 32
    DC Villain Parasite can absorb powers, intelligence, and memories from anyone he touches. What Marvel character also shares this power?
  • 33
    This enemy of Superman would normally not pose much of a challenge, except for the fact that he is powered by Kryptonite. Who is he?
  • 34
    Norin Radd is a cosmic adventurer who travels the galaxy to please his master. What is he better known as?
  • 35
    Who is the scientist responsible for creating Ultron?
  • 36
    What lesser-known character is pictured below?
    What lesser-known character is pictured below?
  • 37
    Who is Superman's Marvel Equivalent?
  • 38
    The Venom Symbiote combined with what Spiderman Character to form the Perfect Venom?
  • 39
    This gigantic Villain is known has "The God of Oblivion."
  • 40
    Johnny Blaze was the first incarnation of what Antihero?
  • 41
    What is the Alter Ego of the Mercenary "Punisher"
  • 42
    Captain America's friend and occasional ally Sam Wilson goes by what name?
  • 43
    The Evil Doppelgangers of the Justice League, The Justice Lords, turned against the world after the death of what member?
  • 44
    The son of Cyclops and Madeline Pryor (Jean Grey's clone) goes by what name?
  • 45
    What is the name of the DC Comics cowboy?
  • 46
    What Superhero is also known as "Hornhead?"
  • 47
    After his wings are mutilated during the Mutant Massacre, Angel is revived by Apocalypse and made one of the Four Horseman. What name did he go by?
  • 48
    What other X-Men character has an Adamantium-laced skeleton and can protrude claws similar to Wolverine's?
  • 49
    Which of these characters was not a part of the original Justice League?
  • 50
    Which one of Batman's sidekicks was killed by the Joker?

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1017 days ago
Captain America was actually not a founding member of the Avengers, truth be told the founding members were the ones who found him in ice
1033 days ago
Hawkeye and Captain America weren't the founding members of the Avengers.
1072 days ago
Also Matthew Reilly, Gladiator is often considered Marvels Superman due to the similar powers but there are a few. Sentry or even more so Hyperion.
1072 days ago
Caps shield is made of vibranium and proto-adamatium plus a third unknown element.
1264 days ago
erm the marvel version of superman is Sentry not gladiator lmao quiz is lame.
1857 days ago
question 19 (Which of the following characters was not a founding member of the Avengers?) nether hawkeye nor captain america were original members of the avengers hawkeye joined in avengers no. 16 and captain america joined in avengers no. 4